Angus embraces Dreamtime

My Footy Weekend


Dreamtime at the G

For me Dreamtime at the G was really about Richmond at the G. Mum was disappointed at the start because we didn’t see the Dreamtime extravaganza. We did see the last 30 seconds or so which was the musicians packing up and the big parachute brolgas strutting off the ground.

I don’t like Essendon but their bombing siren to introduce the start of their club song was pretty cool.  It reminded me of all the documentaries on the Blitz and wars I have watched. I still don’t like Essendon though.

Jack was no good at the start and the Tigers were getting smashed. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I’ve seen this all before at the G. Carlton by 99 points.  Collingwood with my Collingwood-loving cousins by 71 points. And one time, when I was having tea at the pub in Hamilton, Geelong won 222 to Richmond 69 at the G. But after half time in this game, Richmond actually started to flog the Bombers. Proof of this was the Essendon dudes behind us screaming at the umpire and their own Essendon players for being so useless.

The Tigers hit the front during the third quarter. The jacket dude behind us was getting sheepish. He had turned his black and red leather jacket inside out to say that Essendon had won about 5 minutes into the second quarter. I started to tap my bottle on my hand because every time I did the Tiges did good things. Then my hand started to get really sore, so I stopped and Essendon hit the front again and they won. Which sucked. I still haven’t seen Richmond win a game live yet.


Cousins in Northcote


So we went back to our cousins’ house in Northcote.  We slept in their ping pong  ball sized house, all 9 of us – 4 Hamilton Harmses and 5 Melbourne Harmses. The next morning we played with the free helium balloons that a nice lady gave us from a party shop in Geelong.  It was good as. We got the balloons and we weren’t just playing with them. We sucked the helium out of them and made our voices sound really high pitched. But our cousin Theo who is 4, was so excited that he was letting out high pitched screams all the time (without the help of the helium balloons.)


Football at Etihad


Half way through the second quarter of a cracking game between Carlton and Adelaide (not that I cared that much), we went under the stadium down to the change rooms that stank like Deep Heat to get ready for the our Auskick game.  These are the seven most memorable things from it:

  • Waiting in the players’ race chanting Carlton (clap, clap, clap), Carlton (clap, clap, clap). It sounded awesome.
  • Running through the Velcro (use again next match) Auskick banner.
  • Playing 4-a-side football on an Auskick field the size of  1 ½ 9-year-old drop punts. (I reckon if I did my biggest kick I could make the distance but the ball would have to roll into the goals.)
  • Taking a massive specky/mark/screamer over Aaron (I can’t remember his last name.)
  • Tackling Harry Clarke and realizing the ground is really quite rough, holey and bumpy.
  • Jogging around the boundary high-fiving the crowd.
  • Actually getting the chance to play on Etihad was the best.


The Way Home

It seemed like a short trip back to Hamilton because I slept most of the way home. Before I knew it I was at home in bed asleep ready for school in the morning


By Angus J. Harms



  1. Great stuff, Angus. Glad to see you inherited your uncle’s writing talent, and not his footballing ability.

  2. John Harms says

    Angus, this is a cracking yarn, and we all had a terrific weekend even if the Tigers lost. I do like that even 8 year olds are happy to bag the Docklands playing surface.

    I do have to correct you on a small inaccuracy. The Melbourne Harmses terrace house is not the size of a ping pong ball, it’s the size of a tennis ball.

    Please keep us informed with reports on your club footy in Hamilton.

  3. uncle david says

    Angus, Your uncle John had to wait about 40 years before he saw his beloved cats win live. I hope Dad got your specky on video.

  4. uncle david says

    In reply to Peter B, Angus’s uncle John may have been a handy footballer, perhaps some hidden talent, had it not been for his exile to the northern districts and his inability to run out a match, or quarter, or even the first minute of a match. Soft? or perhaps really unlucky?

  5. Bethany harms says

    Awesome article
    Go GEELONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lord Bogan says

    Hang in there Angus. I’m sure you’ll see the Tigers win a live game for you very soon. Great writing :)

  7. Great work but learn to love the Bombers!

  8. Lord Voldermort says

    Angus, really like your piece. Suffering for your love of Richmond will make you stronger. Believe me, I’m a Richmond supporter too.

  9. great article dude seeing rrichmond win gives you power and i know because i am a richmond supportor

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