An Australian in Galle on Test eve

There is much conjecture among cricket purists here in Galle regarding the makeup of the Australian side, and the predicted behaviour of the pitch.

Experience and reliability are important components in the selection conundrum, particularly with regards to the formation of the bowling attack. It’s comforting to know that the recently-published and damning (in many ways) Argus Report soon ends the tenure of the inept, part-time selector Andrew Hilditch.

His celebrated demise reminds me of the old knock-knock joke.

“Knock knock.”

‘Who’s there?”




Get stuffed Andrew Hilditch is a sentiment held by many who care about Australian Test cricket. His soon-to-be-official absence from selection duty will not be missed.

The Australians have some interesting decisions to make regarding the structure of the bowling attack.

Is this Siddle’s type of pitch? More to the point, does Siddle have the nous to wheedle out the likes of Dilshan, Sangakkara and Jayawardene?

Would Copeland be a conservative selection designed to tie up one end, and in essence, be insurance for the sometimes wayward Johnson?

Is Harris (a good foot-soldier) fit for the rigours of a five-day game?

What of the spinners? One or two and who?

For what it’s worth I would to like see Johnson, Harris, Copeland and Beer form the attack. Garnering twenty wickets will be tough however. There is much variance in opinion regarding the pitch. A couple of locals I’ve spoken to reckon it’ll be a good batting strip that’ll play lower and slower as the match progresses. The Germans here are perplexed and couldn’t give a continental. Particularly those three who frequent table 19.

Galle is a compact, bustling city. The humidity fogs your laptop screen. The Indian Ocean seaside resorts are superb. The locals are friendly and engaging. The beer is cheap. Evidence of the devastating 2004 tsunami can still be seen. At our resort, the water came up as high as the counter. The geography of the seabed thankfully slowed the wave down here. Other parts of this beautiful coastline were less fortunate.

All here are looking forward to the Test. It’ll be interesting to see how the genesis of the Clarke reign unfolds. I reckon back Punter for highest runs in the series.


  1. Flynny – ARGUS STUFFED – love it.

    I wouldn’t have Johnson in Australia’s second11 let alone the first. He’s one of those personalities that poisons a team. He probably doesn’t do it intentionally but he just does it. Blokes like Phil Carmen, Fev, Wacko Jacko, Cousins and Johnson – very skilled but you’re better off without them.

  2. PJF

    Love Galle — the ground flanked by the Indian Ocean on both sides, the papaya salesmen outside the ground and the Galle Fort in the background (where you can still here the hypnotic sound of manual typewriters from the Fort’s legal precinct).

  3. Richard Jones says

    DIPS: saw Fabulous Phil at the local footy the other weekend.

    His son plays with South Bendigo in the Bendigo Football & Netball League under-18s.

    Mind you altho’ he played with close to a dozen clubs (including 4 in the VFL/AFL) South wasn’t one of them.

    Here in Benders Phil turned out with Kangaroo Flat and Kennington as playing coach, and @ other times Sandhurst and North Bendigo — as a player only.

    These days he runs a landscaping/gardening business.

  4. John Butler says

    Enjoy PF

    Looking forward to your missives.

    No Beer. Lyon instead. I’m sure you’re hoping to reverse the trend back at the resort.

  5. Shaky start for the Aussies I see. Spin has once again been the great undoing.

    Flynny – is there light at the end of the tunnel?

  6. Love the start of a Johnson innings. It’s like watching a baby teetering on the end of a diving board. (he’s 14no as I type)
    Flynny – where shall we look for you tomorrow night? Fort end or Members Stand? Wear a red hat.
    Johnson gone. Diving board juddering.

  7. A great day’s cricket today, Flynny !

  8. Dips,



    I’m in the Galle Cricket Club Pavilion square of the wicket. Play and miss. Play and miss.


    Too right. It was great watching cricket on a challenging surface.

  9. Malcolm Ashwood says

    PF as some 1 who goes overseas often yeah I go to , Kangaroo Island I am envious of you with your travels have you a favourite ? What is your favourite culture you have mixed in , OS ?

  10. Peter Flynn says


    I’d love to go to Eden Gardens.

    Galle is one of the great Test grounds. And a bustling, vibrant city.

    100 or so Monks watching the Test from the Old Fort is a favourite memory.


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