An arrow for Caro

Caroline Wilson.

It has come to this column’s attention that your ongoing, petulant sniping at the Collingwood Football Club over Adam Treloar’s decision to nominate the Magpies over your beloved Tigers has become patently childish and embarrassing.

On Football Classified you foolishly suggested that Richmond’s superior offer of this and next year’s first round picks demanded the precociously talented Treloar opt for the yellow sash next year.

It is my understanding Collingwood officials woke up the next morning gobsmacked.  Notwithstanding their offer to the Giants has yet to be tabled, this had no bearing on Adam’s choice of team (that I may add has at least won more finals than Fitzroy over the past 33 years).

As Craig simply explained, “the player picks the club, not the deal…”

Yet you remained steadfastly unrepentant, your position clearly untenable.

“There’s more to do with that deal too, but we can’t find out what it is”.

And then you had the churlish gumption to implicate poor Hutchy, insinuating “I think you know what it is but you’re not saying”.

The unedifying accusation of cheating by Collingwood clearly left your co-panellists shocked and bemused.  For that alone an unreserved apology is owed to Matthew, Garry and Craig for putting them in such an awfully uncomfortable position.

I’m not saying you should be sacked, but frankly your lack of professionalism on this matter as a seasoned journalist is unbecoming of your standing in the industry.  Behind the scenes my sources say your nemesis Eddie and ‘Pies CEO Gary Pert are absolutely furious and are plotting their next move. The irony that the phrase ‘conflict of interest’ has been bandied around a lot by you over the years won’t have been lost on the seething media powerbroker and Collingwood President.  Of course when former Richmond President Clinton Casey partnered with Nathan Brown, Matthew Richardson and Kane Johnson in a dubious property deal and was probed by the AFL for breaching the salary cap, you went MIA Caroline.  M.I.A.  And does the name Ben Holland ring a bell?

The sooner this pointless vendetta ceases and energies are refocused on apologising to Adam, Eddie, Gary, Garry, Craig, Matthew and the shattered Collingwood fans, the sooner the AFL community will be able to move on to demanding a Royal Commission into Essendon’s grossly botched handling of their disastrous supplements program.

Certainly, there is much to be played out in this most serious issue and I have rung Gillon about it.  But it is time for humiliated Richmond supporters such as yourself to grow up and accept that seventh is the new ninth, and that sour grapes make for a very dry whine, Caroline.



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  1. Garry Lyon mimes the shooting of a comedically small arrow

  2. Brin Paulsen says

    “the sooner the AFL community will be able to move on to demanding a Royal Commission into Essendon’s grossly botched handling of their disastrous supplements program.”

    It’s nearly midday and I haven’t had enough coffee but this is a piss-take, right?

  3. It certainly is Brin.

  4. Brin Paulsen says

    Put me in a paddock. Spell clearly required.

  5. hahaha; thanks Jeff.

  6. When did the AFL decree that players get to choose the club rather than the state that they want to get traded to? Why does the player have a bigger say than the club?

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