Ammos: MHSOB v Fitzroy

Now here is a dilemma that wouldn’t be faced by too many footy followers. Two teams you support play each other in a normal home and home round of footy.  It could only happen in the wonderful world of the “Ammos”, but on this weekend it happened to me.

The history of these two clubs go back a long way for me.  I went to Melbourne High back in the fifties and there has always been an Old Boys Football Club. Their fortunes have fluctuated over the years going from A grade down as low as E (now called Division 2) back to A and B over seasons a  and now in Premier C.      As a kid growing up in a die-hard Essendon family,  Fitzroy was a club to be beaten, the bigger the defeat the better.  But when the AFL decided to send them north to become Brisbane Lions, I was devastated for all their supporters, imagine that happening to The Dons.  What was left of the old  Fitzroy had a brief link up with Coburg in the VFA before joining the Amateurs  as Fitzroy many years ago, and  slowly moved through the divisions.

So on Saturday the Unicorns (MHSOB) play the Roys at one of the prettiest footy grounds in Melbourne. It  was  cold when I chained the bike to the fence, so while the it might be one of the prettiest grounds, today it was one of the coldest.  The centre of the ground looked like an old fashioned mud pot and made it a bit hard for the umpires, no bouncing the ball today. The players looked a bit muddy too, it was actually a bit hard working out who was playing for who. I decided that I would be barracking for Melbourne High, it didn’t seem  right to have any feelings for Fitzroy at the old school ground.  And I’ll tell you what, the Royboys came out to play . They had half a dozen goals on the board before Melbourne decided to bother the scorers. Admittedly Fitzroy had a good wind to kick with, and at quarter time they held a six goal lead.

In the second quarter the Old Boys got a bit of system going in their game and clawed back  with a few goals,  but at the big break Fitzroy still had a very handy lead. The wind had dropped a fair bit so Melbourne didn’t have the same advantage as the Roys had in the first term.  I was feeling I had made the wrong choice as to who to barrack for and  a sudden very cold rain squall  that swept the ground didn’t improve matters one little bit.

Both teams were hard at the ball in the opening stages of the third quarter, but Fitzroy with better teamwork added more goals and things looked very grim indeed for MHSOB. The small players for Fitzroy were running rings around the Old Boys, continually kicking it into their forward zone and scoring at will. The Old Boys managed just one goal half way through the quarter but the Roy Boys belted through nine goals and at three quarter time had a seventy six point lead.

With the a slight wind assistance in the last quarter can the Old Boys restore some pride, after all MHSOB are fourth on the ladder with three wins and  one loss and Fitzroy are eighth with one win and three losses?  The answer was a resounding NO.  Fitzroy added two more goals to the Old Boys  solitary point. It was a rout, the Roy Boys victors by eighty nine points.

Oh, there was another game played, Essendon muddled their way through a pretty uninspiring win against Brisbane up north by six goals. The highlight for me was seeing Leroy Jetta in a long sleeved jumper in the early stages of the game.

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