#almanac280 Writing Competition – Tigers’ 2017

Calling all Tigers, all footy fans, all people-watchers of Richmond, Cremorne and Earth generally,


The Competition:

Write a story inspired by: “Tigers 2017” – moments, games, feelings, places, characters…
The story cannot be more than 280 characters long. (A space is a character. Every key stroke is a character.)
Each story needs to include the tag #almanac280.
That’s 11 of your characters.

Entries open NOW and will be accepted until midday AEDST Thursday 14 December 2017. The day after the Tigers’ Almanac 2017 launch.

How to Enter:

As before there are two ways to enter:
1. Type directly into Twitter. Judges will access all stories with the “#almanac280” tag.
2. Enter into the comments field below.
Judges will ensure that all entries are published both in the comments field below and on the @thefootyalmanac Twitter feed.
You may enter as many times as you like.

The Prize:

Three (3!) copies of the Tigers’ Almanac 2017 are up for grabs. One each to writers of the top three stories, in the spirit of the Almanac.
The winning entries will be announced on Friday 15 December.


Start creating…


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  1. Paddy Grindlay says

    @pgrindlay42 via Twitter:

    I’m high on the hill,

    Looking over the bridge,

    To the MCG.

    And way up on high,

    The clock on the silo

    Says eleven degrees.

    In Fitzroy Gardens, Our Scarf on, we shiver, we walk on.

    I remember the cry:

    Yellow and black!

    #paulkelly #leapsandbounds #gotiges


  2. Gillian Dite says

    @GillianDite via Twitter:
    The stars aligned and Dusty shone brightest. Thirty-seven years in the wilderness was banished to the history books as the premiership cup was held aloft. The Tigers brought joy to their supporters and silenced their doubters, all without a second tall forward. #almanac280

  3. Chris Daley says

    @Chris88829 via Twitter:
    Round 20. 1992. Only 10,291 there. The brand new Great Southern Stand an empty shell. It pours. The Crows smash us by 110. We walk home too sodden to care. It takes a quarter of a century. Now 100,021 barrackers. It’s finally over. We walk away, too happy to care #almanac280

  4. @e_regnans via Twitter:

    Rolling and tumbling, like a tide.
    Sweeping and frothing, like a tide.
    Playful pieces, like a tide.
    A whole of strength, like a tide.
    Moving a city, like a tide.
    Moving a story, like a tide.
    Carrying people, like a tide.
    Tide is high; premiership tiges.

    #almanac280 #tigers17

  5. @statsbench via Twitter:
    I was there on GF day in 1982 when the Tigers lost. I was there in 2013 when another false dawn resulted in more darkness. In 2017 I wasn’t there. I sang the song at home, I pinched myself quite hard. I have a photo holding the Cup, my workplace sponsors the Tigers. #almanac280

  6. Oh, the Tigers won the flag this year
    (I saw it on the telly)
    So I must catch up and have a beer
    With my mate Dugald Jellie

  7. “You think a week is a long time in footy? Try 1,931 of them.” – Possibly a Tiger fan on Grand Final day this year #almanac280

  8. I was a Tiger on the 2017 Grand Final at Coolabah. Otherwise Tiger mobs would eat me all. Dusty was everywhere and I roared as a Tiger of the day when they kicked goals. Jack Riewoldt was average but his goal made me happy. I shared the joy with the Tiger mobs and the experience was priceless. I hugged Tigers and ended the day with the hope my Saints get a turn in 2018. #almanac280

  9. Old Dee Hardwick had a farm
    E I E I O
    And on his farm he had a Trent
    E I E I O
    With a Dust Dust here
    And a Jack Jack there
    Everywhere a Dust Jack
    Old Dee Hardwick had a farm
    E I E I O

  10. Dan vanWinkel says

    @sackedbySheedy via Twitter:

    Rd 7 sees me giggle as the Tiges fall to the ‘scrays. Rd 8 I snicker like a thief at Mundy’s turn of phrase.
    Rd 9 I laugh out loud, it’s happened once again! At Rd 13 it’s belly laughs at these broken Tiger men.
    There’s no more laughing now. #almanac280

  11. Phil Dimitriadis says

    @lordbogan via Twitter:

    @thefootyalmanac Richmond Membership Hotline 1983 – 2016 :
    Minion: “How would you like your membership served?”
    Fan: “What are the choices?”
    Minion: “Fried, barbecued, diced, microwaved, shredded, baked, boiled, smashed, pounded and smoked.”
    Fan: “It’s 2017. Raw?” #almanac280

  12. Neil Anderson says

    Tiger tiger burning bright
    Which myth will you dispel tonight
    Coming ninth is well and truly done and Dustied
    Next, no more premiership coaches suddenly outskied?
    #almanac 280

  13. @e_regnans via Twitter:

    Richmond fan: I can’t believe it.
    God: No.
    RF: I just can’t believe it actually happened.
    God: I hear you.
    RF: I mean, it doesn’t make sense. Maybe we really ARE the best team in the competition? Maybe we DESERVED this flag. Maybe…
    God: Look, I’ve had a bit on.


  14. What happened to Perth? Bloody eastern staters – George Grjlusich said rolling over in his grave. Adelaide – then Tigers? Couldn’t have done it without Murray Rance’s boy. Swan Districts taught him everything. Thieving Tiger bastards. And the rest of us nodded. #almanac280

  15. Crowds create the atmosphere at the game. Coolabah created Tigers dominance with help of supporting the Tigers baseball. I helped eating them all by sending atmosphere to MCG as the courier prior to my visit to Melbourne. Coolabah patrons established the Tiger Time. #almanac280

  16. Geoff Matheson says

    @geoffmatho via Twitter:

    A season in thoughts
    We’re hopeless
    We’re better than bad teams
    We’re heartbreaking
    How did we lose?
    Look – we might make finals
    Wait – we might make top 4
    Wouldn’t it be nice to win a final
    Wow – we get to play a prelim
    What? The Granny?

  17. Peter warrington says

    The fighting fury make me furious. But in Balme we trust. I tip a Brownlow for the Dust. Early on I feel the hope. The the close losses make me a candidate for a stroke.. But the Port game gives me belief. By rd 17 I have a sneaky we can be the thief. Never in doubt. Just wished we had won in 15. #Almanac280

  18. Jack Banister says

    @banister02 via Twitter:

    In the Footy Park crowd & in the schoolyard, they were merciless. “Richmond are shit – why would you go for them?”
    2017, one day in September. Richmond are many things but shit isn’t among them. He who laughs last, laughs loudest. They forgot to mention the tears…

  19. Dylan Leach says

    @leachitup via Twitter:

    We are Premiers.

  20. @diogenesbrown via Twitter:

    Thought those Richmond types would’ve slowed down a bit by the time the Ashes started. Will possibly need to check back sometime around the Gabba in November 2021 #Almanac280

  21. Mark Stewart says

    @tonka52 via Twitter:

    #almanac280 Excerpt of my wedding speech 28th Oct: “There are 3 rings in marriage – the wedding ring, the engagement ring & the suffering. I’ve had it all in one year! I got engaged in Jan, now I’m married…and with @Richmond_FC winning the premiership…the suffering is OVER!!

  22. Mickey Randall says

    @MichaelRandall5 via Twitter:

    In the front bar of the All Nations, I sense the still-thirsty spectre of Bill Hunter, but paranormal behaviour’s now reduced in Richmond. No longer turning in goal-square graves, the ghosts are becalmed, their haunting ended.

  23. Smokie Dawson says

    @smokiedawson via Twitter:

    That premiership has made me hate them even more #almanac280

  24. @e_regnans via Twitter:

    Smith St, Collingwood. Fitzroy, really. Twilight Prelim Final run& won, the odd yellow& black stragglers walk north, swaying, arm in arm. Jubilant. Two fellas in old woollen RFC jumpers draw level with us. We all stop.
    “That was orright,” – and he winks. #Almanac280

  25. Three quarter time Prelim Final. Five goals up. It’s there for the taking. Instagram from Dublin: “Deep breath boys”. We do. A breath that lasts a week.

  26. VlastuinGrimesPrestiaMartinEllis

  27. @haikubobb via Twitter:

    I miss the old Richmond. #almanac280 #ninthmond

  28. @truckerslim via Twitter:


    Tigers premiership yawn … yeah, yeah congrats and onya but … it aint Footscray … and i can’t forget that Tiges 60 point comeback to beat my Hawks when both teams were scrabblers … still stings … and they’d beat us even when we were kings .. so, you know xx

    (Followed by this from Les Everett @leseverettfreo:
    We all feel your hurt and sadness @TruckerSlim and hope the Hawks rise again soon. #toolongsinceahawthornflag)

  29. @e_regnans via Twitter:

    – Trump becomes US president.
    – Iceberg twice the size of Luembourg breaks off from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf.
    – Richmond wins the flag.

  30. Haje Halabi says

    Middle aged man, hair grey, with old Duffle coat, has no 4 imprinted on the back, cries.
    Boy aged 12, mohawk haircut, wears no 4 , punches the air, cries. All sing the song.

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