Almanac Writing Competition – #almanac280: Adelaide

We enjoyed some terrific writing, shared in some wonderful ideas, with our inaugural #almanac280 exercise last week. Check out all entries here:

Let’s do it again.

With the Australia v England Test cricket series moving to Adelaide, let’s run with the topic of “Adelaide.”

The Competition:

Write a story inspired by: “Adelaide.” e.g. moments, music, Test cricket at the Oval, the Glenelg pier, anything.
The story cannot be more than 280 characters long. (A space is a character. Every key stroke is a character.)
Each story needs to include the tag #almanac280.
That’s 11 of your characters.

Entries open NOW and will be accepted until midnight AEDST Tuesday 5 December 2017. Day 4 of the Adelaide Test.

How to Enter:

As before there are two ways to enter:
1. Type directly into Twitter. Judges will access all stories with the “#almanac280” tag.
2. Enter into the comments field below.
Judges will ensure that all entries are published both in the comments field below and on the @thefootyalmanac Twitter feed.
You may enter as many times as you like.

The Prize:

Judges will award $100 worth of books to the story considered the best, in the spirit of the Almanac.
The winning entry will be announced on Wednesday 6 December (i.e. scheduled Day 5 of the Adelaide Test).


Start creating…


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  1. @e_regnans via Twitter

    The HK Kingswood idles into town.
    A directionless, directed summer.
    Melbourne, Wilpena Pound, Uluru, Fannie Bay…
    That beach.
    That carnival.
    That pier.
    And K’s aunt’s house in Prospect.
    Introduced by K as a prospect.
    My first look at Adelaide.
    – Hello.

  2. My heart was broken at the Round 19, 2017 when St Kilda bounced back from 14-point behind at the game against Port Adelaide at Adelaide Oval with kicks scored by Bruce, Sinclair and Dunstan to lead by two and we were about to win. But the excitement was killed by Gray’s goal in only 7 seconds left. My Saints were Richmond at the time. Too shocking and I was upset much. #almanac280

  3. Adelaide nearly boiled over. I remember when. Cornes last gasp goal. Chappells and Sobers. Barrie gliding. Big Bill Wedding taps and Favell cuts. Grassy knolls. Hills and bells. They paved paradise. I can no longer go down to the sacred ground. Paul sings me home. #almanac280

  4. Having luncheoned on a pie-floater and butcher of West End draught at the Chappell brothers’ Leg Trap Hotel the HQ Kingswood now barges down Tapleys Hill Road with KG and static spitting on 5DN. Happy Proclamation Day! #Almanac280

  5. Our new maths teacher, something odd. Dunno what he smokes but his breath’s rancid. Knows his stuff, likes a wisecrack but serious too. Leans in a bit close, we’ll get used to it. Dieter Pfennig, hard name to forget. #adelaide #almanac280

  6. As the original story is inaccurate, can I change the story to the following? Sorry and thanks
    Saints were 16 points down at Adelaide Oval but Gresham, Sinclair and Dunstan kicked goals beautifully and we led by four and extend to ten with Member’s goal. I was so excited to see Saints go marching in, but unfriendliness to visitors gave Port two goals. The last seconds were Richmondnised. My heart was broken in Round 19 in 2017. Next year we will avenge over my second dislike club in AFL!!

  7. I keep a list in my head, rankings subject to whim. Sirens sounding as a Port screw punt pierces the 50. Head jumping into a hook, the ball disappearing into the stands below. Isaias curling the ball into the top corner as the Riverbank erupted. And Eddie and Eddie #Almanac280

  8. Neil Anderson says

    Adelaide. Founded by free-settlers not beholden to convict labor or the avarice of gold. The second-test ‘installation’ could only be developed by artistic citizens free from striving to be the biggest and best. Pink cricket-balls played at night. Colonel Light would be bemused but Donald Dunstan would be delighted.
    #almanac 280

  9. @e_regnans via Twitter

    – They’re half an hour behind, mate.

    – Half an hour bullshit. Try half a century.

    – Ha. Yeah, half a century.

    – I mean, jeez, even the snakes move like it’s 1967 in Adelaide.

    – …

    – …

    – I’d like that.

    – Me too.


  10. @haikubobb via Twitter

    That quiet oval
    every summer
    I see on TV –
    seven and a half hours
    from Melbourne
    minus the half hour
    where greens, whites, creams
    and other shades
    make up the palette that remind us
    of the importance
    of preservation,
    yet, I’ve never been.
    I’m afraid
    I might spoil it.

  11. @swishtter via Twitter:

    Never understood that “big country town” stuff until I left. It fires up once a week in winter, for five days each December, but dying imperceptibly like the simmering frog. I can’t keep away, but I don’t want to return. #adelaide #almanac280

  12. @swishtter via Twitter:

    Besser block basketball stadium – Graham Parker, Elvis Costello, B52s, Talking Heads, Al Green, Ken Cole, Phil Smyth, Mark Davis. It was all we had back then. #apollo #adelaide #almanac280

  13. @swishtter via Twitter:

    The wresslin’, The Ramones, XTC, Magazine, Flowers, Spinal Tap movie, Madness, The Church, Billy Bragg. Not “The Barton” #adelaide #almanac280

  14. @swishtter via Twitter:

    Two Choc Ices. Back when ice cream was a food not a fad, washed down with a Big Sars. Cricket’s over. Fang took five for. Chappelli dropped his dacks. Ask the Man in Blue when the next Red Hen is running. #adelaide #almanac280

  15. @swishtter via Twitter:

    Adelaide Floral Emblem: The Tumbleweed #adelaide #almanac280

  16. If Adelaide is backward, then it is the place where a Spartan Queen combines with a moth.#almanac280.

  17. @swishtter via Twitter:

    Tim Marcus Clark – you bastard #adelaide #almanac280

  18. @swishter via Twitter:

    Redgum were wrong. They forgot Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. #adelaide #almanac280

  19. @swishtter via Twitter:

    Masters. Twilights. Chisel. Angels. Stars. Scandal. Young Modern. Exploding White Mice. Bad Dreems. Robyn Archer. Miss Linda George. Andy Upton. That ugly bloke from Brigalow Avenue. Thomas Edmonds. #adelaide #almanac280

  20. @swishtter via Twitter:

    To the west, broad sandy beaches. Flat suburban ribbon. Gently undulating hills to the east. More hills to the south. Dry plains to the north. Pockets of heaven sent grape country peter out in the mid-north. Goyder’s Line. #adelaide #almanac280

  21. @The_FMI via Twitter


    I get up half an hour later than you all, except on Footy days when I get rudely reminded the game is run from Melbourne.

    I put my Crows top on, have a Farmers Union Iced Coffee and I think about going to Westlakes.

    Foopbawl Parklife!!

  22. Jeff Dowsing says

    @JeffDowsing via Twitter

    As the cathedral bells chime, can you tell me about the time Chappelli that something something Les Favell and your Grandfather’s gates and growing up in the palindrome starting with gee whiz Sobers cleared the long fence with ease, these Poms are f-ing weak #Almanac280 #Adelaide

  23. Neil Anderson says

    Adelaide 2003. See Adelaide by bus. Christmas eve shopping in Rundle Mall. Giant silver balls instead of Christmas bells but late-night shopping. Tram back to Glenelg bringing thoughts of home and then souvenir film on Boxing Day to savor. Love Actually. And it was. #almanac 280

  24. Peter Warrington says

    We sat in the motel in Glenelg. Mick Malone rumbled in. Wallop! It’s six screamed the commentators. Wayne Daniel, of all people. There’s a test on next week, kids are playing, Wood and Darling. Yallop! But we’ve got to get to Kingston SE, for crayfish, and the cold. #almanac280

  25. Peter Warrington says

    Get in the car. 10 minutes later – Penfolds! 10 minutes later – Shaw Smith! The Hills are hills. 10 minutes later – bush! Back home we’d still be stuck in Marrickville. You can park everywhere. There’s a cafe on Gouger St. Proper sharks. O-bahn. Oh, man! #almanac280

  26. @swishtter via Twitter:

    Past the Old Spot

    Past Parafield

    Past the abbatoirs

    Gepps Cross Hotel

    Prospect KFC – G’day Patto

    Up Scotty’s Kilt

    The car yards

    The Piccadilly, where we saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    The Hotel Australia – it’s huge

    The Cathedral

    We’re here kids

    #adelaide #almanac280

  27. Brian Barrish says

    @BarrishUSAFL via Twitter

    Tucked neatly into the front pocket of the country, somewhere in between the cacophony to the east and the vast, dusty nothing of the north and west.

    Regal, as her not-so-ancient namesake; proud, as those who flock to watch their home murder weekly.

    #Adelaide #almanac280

  28. @diogenesbrown via Twitter

    Welcome to Adelaide we say – where the water is thoroughly potable, we don’t have an abnormally large number of churches, the lights are working, and you are unlikely to get murdered. Pffft, you say. Come and have a look at what I keep in the woodshed, dear visitor #Almanac280

  29. @swishtter via Twitter:

    Salvation Jane
    Three corner jacks

    Bullants the size of bulldogs

    Northerly dust storms that no fly wire can guard against

    Blowflies in blue waistcoats

    Heel piercing thistles

    Itchy powder street trees

    Fruit fly traps

    #adelaide #almanac280

  30. #230,073,306 says

    @demondwayne via Twitter:

    Familiar yet different. Delis. Blue & White Cafe “AB”. Green Death. “Better and wetter”. Heaps. Collingswood. Port Elliot not Victor Harbor. Vill’s not Balfours. Cuisenaire rod state jumper.

  31. Mick Jeffrey says

    @MHJeffrey027 via Twitter:

    #almanac280 #Adelaide Darren Jarman Darren Jarman Darren Jarman Darren Jarman Darren Jarman Darren Jarman Darren Jarman Darren Jarman Darren Jarman Darren Jarman Darren Jarman Darren Jarman Darren Jarman Darren Jarman Darren Jarman Darren Jarman

    Yep the name still haunts today!

  32. Scott McIntyre says

    @booksbagshaw via Twitter:

    “Did you know that South Australia is the only state not founded by convicts?”, he said.
    “No, I didn’t.”, I said, for the seventeenth time, since arriving in Adelaide, three hours ago.

  33. @APH1991 via Twitter:

    Friday night Round 10 2006.

    Tepid start but the sense of ugly.
    The incremental bashing unfolds.
    30 goals 8 behinds one way. 6 goals 14 the other.
    My all time favourite tip.

    Stick a fork in him. He’s cooked.


  34. Phil Dimitriadis says

    @lordbogan via Twitter:

    They piss on ants don’t they?

    #Adelaide #almanac280

  35. @langcaulf via Twitter:

    From the land of wool and wheat, wind turbines, batteries, frost and heat. The hardened country footballer who just runs all day, bowls nasty and fast, wields willow and makes bowlers pay. A worker who just loves to shear and enjoys that favourite can of ice cold beer #Almanac280

  36. Scott McIntyre says

    @booksbagshaw via Twitter:

    Steele Hall. Randall Ashbourne. Hedley Crann-Bythall. Jeremy Cordeaux. Pip Karmel. Brady Haran. Dorrit Black. Vernon Knowles. Dichen Lachman. Greig Pickhaver. Malcolm Afford.
    Pick the fake Adelaide name.

  37. hutt river province dual citizen says

    @thephilby via Twitter

    The expressway went the wrong way at the time you wanted to drive it. Bice Oval has exactly the same dimensions as the MCG. Emus play the Shoes, Wineflies play the Cockle Divers.

    Barry Burroughs, the leaders in southern real estate.


  38. Memories of the summer heat waves,
    Memories of the 5 degree days,
    Memories of watching the cricket every day.
    On our house TV in Adelaide,
    All these memories happen day by day,
    All theses memories will not fade,
    All these memories were made,
    In good old Adelaide,

  39. Phil Dimitriadis says

    @lordbogan via Twitter

    We’re free settlers. And we don’t give a frog’s fat tossbag about what you think of our water or our beer #Adelaide #almanac280

  40. Matt Quartermaine says

    @mattquarters via Twitter:

    Rundle mauling.


  41. #Almanac280
    – This morning we’re finding Adelaide’s best fritz. Alan from Alberton’s on line 3.
    – Hello. It’s Alan from Alberton here. John the butcher does a very tasty bung. Top quality sawdust. Nice.
    – How does it fry?
    – Good. But that late free against Port on the weekend.

  42. hutt river province dual citizen says

    For @thephilby on Twitter

    Elizabeth, wide landscapes and low skies.

    Alberton, another country.

    Thebarton, in the trees.

    Richmond, concrete and light industry.

    Norwood, their Fenway Park.

    Unley, tartan flasks and Volvos.

    The Bay, Gibbs pasties.

    Noarlunga, wuthering heights.


  43. @e_regnans via Twitter:

    The Magratheans stood back.
    This would be funny.
    Someone had optimistically placed a town in the driest state of the driest inhabited continent on Earth.
    True, the experiment had yielded David Hookes & @coldchisel.
    But also Rupert Murdoch.
    #almanac280 #hitchhikersguide

  44. Peter Crossing says

    The Ashes
    1920/21: England loses Adelaide Test by 119 runs and series 5-0
    England captain JWHT (Johnnie Won’t Hit Today) Douglas was also an Olympic boxing gold medallist
    2017/18: England wicketkeeper JWHT (Jonny Won’t Headbutt Today) Bairstow
    Is this an omen?

  45. @Chris88829 via Twitter:

    Would you like some Fruchocs or a Kitchener Bun?
    Ah no thanks.
    Watch out for the Stobie poles!
    Oh ok thanks.
    But I would like to know;
    Where’s the ham on my parma, and where’s the rest of the beer in my pint?!!


  46. @ratherbeatlunch via Twitter:

    Chicker, chicker, chicker, chicker, chicker,
    chicker, chicker, chicker, chicker, chicker,
    chicker, chicker, chicker, chicker, chicker,
    chicker, chicker, chicker, chicker, chicker,
    chicker, chicker, chicker.
    Summer. Adelaide parks.
    And gardens. Kikuyu. Santa Anna.

  47. @The_FMI on Twitter

    Cold winters night, two travellers from Victoria staying in a tent at West Beach.
    “Whaddaya reckon? Go to the State game?”

    A hostile place. More hostile than Vic Park.
    Cold air, icy metal seats.
    Two amongst the Croweaters.

    Flea starred. Vics won. We got out alive.

  48. @diogenesbrown on Twitter

    How do you say Fleurieu, let alone spell it? Did it steal the u from Victor Harbor? Why overcomplicate the spelling of Barry? How about the t & p in Nuriootpa. Can anyone eat as much cream as in a frog cake? What’s in the bottom of a Coopers Sparkling? City of mystery #Almanac280

  49. @winmar2lockett via Twitter

    #almanac280 The excitement builds.
    10 mates. Wineries and cricket are THE itinerary. A window seat beckons. The big bird takes off. Clouds part & there she is. The new stands. The hill & scoreboard. The Balmy noise to come. Soon the test will start. Oh the excitement of #Adelaide

  50. via Facebook:

    Southwark beer. Done. Do I win the Camry?


  51. Neil Anderson says

    Adelaide Crows you broke our Bulldog hearts in ’97
    In ’15 the Texan did it to us again and ran amok
    Devastated, we stole your call like Graham Kennedy
    When he was fired for yelling faaaark!

  52. @e_regnans via Twitter

    There’s luck and there is lottery, and there’s taking your chances, too.
    There are gift horses with mouths and pigs with snouts.
    At #Adelaide Oval troughs and mouths are not worth much to-do;
    To the batsman here who gets himself run out.
    #almanac280 #road

  53. Scott McIntyre says

    @booksbagshaw on Twitter

    Les Favell. Ashley Mallett. Prince Alfred College. Glenelg Cricket Club.
    Clem Hill.
    Martin, Greg, Trevor and Vic.
    The cricket net in the old backyard in Unley.
    All of these things
    the mind of IM Chappell.
    Though he’s lived in Sydney
    For forty years.


  54. @JeffDowsing via Twitter:

    #Adelaide-Oval Barrels Coopers Don-Dunstan Elizabeth Frog-cakes Grenville Hookesy Iced-coffee Jarmans KG Lleyton Mal-Blight Norwood Obahn Pie-floater Queenstown Ramsgate Stobie-poles Tex Unley Victor-Richardson Weird-accent Xmas-parade Yattalunga Zesers-Andrew #Almanac280

  55. #Almanac280

    This unbounded sky is a cathedral. Low, promiseless hills
    guard the plains, and there’s the idyllic drone of the cricket as we move
    through an empty afternoon. Screen-doors flail. Home, with our Coopers and
    chops and distinctive vowels.

  56. Scott McIntyre says

    From @booksbagshaw on Twitter

    Their floating pies are unjustifiable.
    The Beaumont case – no one knows who’s liable.
    The multifunction polis proved unviable,
    but the Rockford Basket Press is undeniable.


  57. Andrew Fithall says

    From @AndrewFithall on Twitter


    How far is it? Oh, about 20 minutes.

  58. @sydcrow27 via Twitter:

    Apple cake and tea under the tent on the hill with Gran. Sunburned knees and eye strain from the coloured benches in front of the Members. Schooners out the back with Dad, catching up with old mates from the bush. 40 years of Adelaide tests #almanac280

  59. @haikubobb via Twitter:

    it’s because of David Hookes batsman artist inventor of stroke play who wore the baggy red cap like a beret and saw short square boundaries in cow corner as perimeters of his canvas that Adelaide is coined each summer by the Channel 9 commentary box as ‘arts capital’. #almanac280

  60. Courtney bowls to Craig McDermott.
    Tries a bouncer, skims his helmet.
    Junior Murray asks the question.
    Darrell raises index finger.


  61. GOT 'IM YES!! says

    @strauchanside via Twitter:

    From Gawler to Noarlunga
    Rick Davies to Graham Cornes
    Morphettville racecourse to West Lakes
    Football Park to Adelaide Oval
    Darren Lehmann to David Hookes
    And who can forget Blighty
    Adelaide, you’re a gem

  62. Is it Saturday arvo yet? Brown says

    @diogenesbrown via Twitter:

    Adelaide’s Melbourne Cup they say, behind the members. Pimms toasted as all walks mingle; Saints, PAC, maybe even Pulteney – good clean fun. Beneath the scoreboard security watches as West End downs; a spent cup inside another, hanging offence. Cultures, drinking #Almanac280

  63. Eustace Manglewart says

    @EManglewart via Twitter:

    To the Bay for “Beach Safety” school excursion. “Dad! You can’t wear that, it’s embarrassing!” She says of my Greg Chappell hat. “Wear this” she says passing me my Power bucket hat. #almanac280

  64. @swishtter via Twitter:

    No such thing as a weatherboard in Adelaide, although I wonder about the asbestos Trust place we had in Underdown Road. I knew of Adelaide parents who disapproved of their child living in a Coburg weatherboard. “Don’t they have bricks in Melbourne?” #adelaide #almanac280

  65. Peter McConnell says

    @McAlmanac via Twitter:

    Pospect, Genelg, Pordadelaide, Cennal Disticts, Dubbabues, Wwwwwoovulwestowwens. Strike me pink Studley, I’ll go “he” for chasey, that’s unbelievable! Football Inquest Part 1 5.30, Football Inquest Part 2 6.30, my special guest is The Jumbo Pince, backaferthebake. #KG #Almanac280

  66. Ghosts phantom about the curved stands: the Ricciuto, the Chappell, the Bradman. Echoes of roaring; grainy footage; men in hats. Frozen champions orbit the oval. Past and present embrace, but wounds can’t heal without rubbing: the chicken salt hoarding is gone.


  67. Peter Schumacher says

    Adelaide, how I yearn to be back home, Memories: James Thiele belting out Bach, made Bethlehem Lutheran Church shake to its foundations or so it seemed to me. Adelaide Oval, Eddie, EDDIE he makes the whole ground shake. Benaud, May, Trueman Lindwall complete the call.#Almanac280

  68. Lazy summer afternoon,
    cheering Melbourne on
    towards 40 degrees.

    Adelaide’s been there
    since lunchtime.


  69. Paul Minogue says

    @corvus_vincit via Twitter:

    Double cut corned beef tomato and mustard rolls
    Bung fritz
    Kitchener buns
    Ice cold Southwark on a hot day
    Menz Fruchocs
    Pie floaters at midnight
    Golden North honey ice cream
    Coopers Stout
    Twin Chocs
    Woodies Lemondade
    Four Crown Port
    #Almanac280 #Adelaide

  70. @e_regnans via Twitter:

    – Beautiful oval, mate.
    – Beautiful.
    – ..
    – Best in the country?
    – In the world.
    – ..
    – ..
    – The world, d’ya reckon?
    – Can’t name a better one.
    – ..
    – ..
    – Howabout that Table Mountain ground?
    – Yeah, that’s good.
    – Or Hobart. Hobart is beautiful.
    – Ahh, settle down.


  71. As kids, all we knew of Adelaide was Test cricket at the Oval on the Australia Day weekend, and that Auntie Elma and Uncle Gabriel lived there somewhere. Or as we called them, Uncle Elmer and Auntie Gabrielle. Hilarious, we thought we were. #almanac280

  72. Mick Abbott says

    @umpschumps via Twitter:

    Red hen, up the ramp, wow a neon dragon,
    a pineapple donut thanks – no time for ferris wheels on roof tops.
    Turnstile clatters, tray boy heroes with pies & a choc ice or a sandwich & sultana cake from behind the members.
    Don’t feel so good flat Woodies for me! #Almanac280

  73. Smokie Dawson says

    @smokiedawson via Twitter:

    Boring Thursday nights, Carrington caberets, critiques in G, Beaumont rags, cabbies called Peter, so goodbye, killing floors, Maria, Stewie, 100 years on. I sang along with Redgum, these songs of Adelaide – and this country – years before I even set eyes upon the city #Almanac280

  74. Peter McConnell says

    @mcalmanac on Twitter

    Mum parks the Volksy in Pinky Flat, a labyrinthine puzzle to a small child. “Choc ices, assorted swee-ets!”. Seats in the Edwin Smith Stand are hard, as is the cricket. Boycott is run out! He won’t go, but a young Greg Chappell hands him his bat and he’s on his way. #Almanac280

  75. From @joshcpinn on Twitter

    Morning, Day 4.
    “Who’ll win in #Adelaide?,” asks Uncle Perc.
    Both sides scored 500 in the 1st innings.
    “Has to be a draw,” I say.
    Lunch, Day 5.
    Warne has two wickets and a runout. England all out at tea.
    Australia needs 168 in the last session. England are broken. #almanac280

  76. From @seekersupacoach on Twitter

    Oppressive glare; heavy heat bears down. Trying to concentrate but my mind drifts. A sudden sharp clout, a few cries. I look up – too late. A lofted boundary; a chance missed. More than the sun glares at me now. So continues my stint at 3rd Man/Long Off for Unley CC #almanac280

  77. Peter McConnell says

    @McAlmanac via Twitter:

    Swanee, Hookesy, Kerls – should have had a 36er in there. Reckon I even spotted the guy who was in all the John Martin’s catalogues at the gaming table. Halcyon days of South Australia, when Bannon was king and the Grand Prix roared. #Adelaide #Almanac280

  78. @tonytonyrobb via Twitter:

    Flew in on a stop oved from Darwin. thirsty. Drink from a bubbler, Gagged on the dirt. Tried a West End. Went back to the bubbler

  79. @e_regnans via Twitter:

    Those short square boundaries.
    That Grand Final played a week later.
    5c refund on your empty can.
    The pie floater.
    What strange world is this?


  80. Adelaide – once the land of the all-run five, now a pink ball paradise.


  81. Is it Saturday arvo yet? Brown says

    @diogenesbrown via Twitter:

    Englishmen on the footpaths, interstaters in the bars, no-one in the parklands that want to be found, locals in their cars. It’s testmas eve tonight, we’re curling in our beds. For this time tomorrow the roar of 50,000 souls will be ringing in our heads #Almanac280

  82. @j0sharp via Twitter:

    The Mall’s balls
    The Land of Promise
    West End Draught


  83. Earl O'Neill says

    My first true love left me for Adelaide, her hometown, and a guitarist there.

  84. From @swishtter on Twitter

    Pulleys, bikechains, cogs, gears, painted nameplates, numbers on canvas rolls, manually operated indicator lights, probably even an old fridge inside. Not a video replay to be seen. Why on earth did they keep that old thing?

    #adelaide #almanac280

  85. Paul Minogue says

    Ian Aitken: “Comment Wally May”
    Wally May: “No comment”
    Ian Aitken: “Good comment”

  86. Paul MInogue says

    Voices and faces of my footy youth – Blair Schwartz, Gordon Schwartz, Eldon Crouch, Max Hall, Tom Warhurst, Ken Aplin, Stan Wickham, Allan Crabb, Doug Thomas, Ron Kitchen, Jim Deane, Laurie Sweeney, Bo Morton, Ted Langridge, Wally May, Ken Cunningham, Ian Day, Gary Window

  87. hutt river province dual citizen says

    @thephilby on Twitter

    In Adelaide, and in Adelaide only, you can earn the prize of the ‘early minute’.

    Which means you can walk home from school, in the gloom and the drizzle, a minute earlier than the other kids.


  88. @e_regnans via Twitter:

    Am I ever gonna see your face again?
    Are you in the next room, waiting for me?
    1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 drink.
    We shared some history – this town and I.
    Down past the hedges in a row.
    @theangelsband @theaudreys @coldchisel @paulkelly @sia

  89. Crazy Tiger says

    @pbuchanan07 on Twitter

    2010 Two weeks in Adelaide for work. Arrived Sunday and the city was closed! Middle weekend and the winless Tiges are playing Port. I head out to AAMI. Jack kicks 4, Dusty gets a rising star nomination and the drought is broken. Adelaide didn’t seem so bad after that #Almanac280

  90. @e_regnans via Twitter:

    1994-95. #Ashes & roadtrip.
    Dec94. Get @ShaneWarne’s autograph; Torquay.
    Beers on Streaky Bay beach; SK Warne & that @MCG hat-trick.
    Jan 95. Car rolls near Threeways.
    @RoyalFlyingDoc to #Adelaide ICU.
    During Test brother tells @ShaneWarne of stack. He, AB sign gifts.

  91. Adelaide only 28 hours drive to Perth from this pissant town

  92. Wesley Hull says

    Late, but hope you enjoy.

    Light’s untold vision: “Here shall be a town,’ said Light. “Where?” asked a friend. “Right there between the trees.” “What, the tall trees?” “Yes,” replied Light. “Oh! Can we build a cricket ground too?” “In time, my friend. In time.” “Goody! Can we have ducks?” Light looked at his friend. “Shut Up! You’re ruining the moment.”

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