Almanac Women’s Footy Lunch: Ange Pippos and Breaking the Mould (April 21)


Women’s Footy Almanac Lunch
Friday 21st April
North Fitzroy Arms Hotel


Angela Pippos and Breaking the Mould: Taking a hammer to sexism in sport


What an incredible year 2017 is turning out to be. We have the Inaugural AFL Women’s Season which has crashed through expectations, ratings, newspaper, radio coverage and attendances. We have had the love of the local grounds in every state, and people coming in their droves. We’ve had lock-outs and new heroines. We’ve had the heights of new goal kickers to watch, and the lows of terrible, season and perhaps career ending injuries. And stories. So many stories.
The Almanac is now in a position to produce the first ever Women’s Footy Almanac – as a printed edition. Thanks heaps to Ethical Investment Services and Voila Hair and Beauty who have put their hands up to be part of something special. The people involved in these two companies are wonderful, and show the true Almanac spirit.
Michelle Brisbane and Ethical Investment Services (EIS) help with all manner of investments and financial advice, and are up to date with ethical practices of businesses. EIS are quick to advise changes if a company isn’t doing all they can. It is companies like Ethical which look after the investor big or small, and the environment and, as their name suggests, ethical business practices.
Carole Jordan of Voila has a salon in Brighton and from the moment you walk in, it is welcoming and warm. What I love about Carole, other than her and her staff and their hairdressing skills, is that she doesn’t care about footy that much, she cares about her clients. And when I walked in and told her, in a conversational way while having my mop coiffured, what I’m doing (looking for sponsors) she put her hand up and came on board. Because she supports the people who support her. I still have intentions of dragging her to a football match one day, just because. Her actions floored me.
There’s room for more sponsors and we are so pleased to have great people involved in every stage.
Writers have been magnificent, and through their words we’ve lived through the season over and over.
And there’s more. Angela Pippos has published Breaking the Mould and it is a terrific read. Half the time I go to finish her sentence in my head…and laugh. She takes a knowledgeable, funny, no nonsense look at sexism in sport, and not only investigates and explores, but makes great suggestions and encouragements on how we can all step it up a bit (or a lot – that is, get your act together people and stop f…… around.)
Angela will be a guest at the Inaugural Women’s Footy Almanac lunch on April 21 and we’re getting heaps of bookings. It is at North Fitzroy Arms Hotel and you need to reserve your place if you want to join in the action: we’ll have a chat to Angela. The food is always delicious and they take note of special dietary requirements, so let us know if you need anything when you make your booking. [email protected]
As for Angela’s book, it’s hard to put down and get back to work (or to sleep at night). You just want to read it from front to back. Angela looks at sports world wide and the advent of the AFLW. And her understanding and thinking about the issues around women’s sport will leave you with a plan of attack to keep “taking a hammer to sexism in sport.”
See you at the lunch.



North Fitzroy Arms – in good form.


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