Almanac Virtual: Webinar – ‘1989 The Great Grand Final’ with Harms, Wilson and Yeates






The Geelong Regional Library conducted  a webinar event featuring John Harms, Tony Wilson, and Mark Yeates in an in-depth discussion about Tony Wilson’s excellent new book 1989: The Great Grand Final.


For an entertaining, enlightening and informative background to the game itself, and the writing of the book, click on the following link to watch the webinar HERE.  


You can purchase the book for $30 (which includes postage) by sending an email to us HERE.



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  1. Paul Spinks says

    I tuned in on Saturday. An entertaining regale.

    I was particularly interested in Yeatesy’s account of the lead-up Round 6 incident with Brereton, which confirmed my memory of the clash (I had previously heard Dermie’s description – a knee to the head or similar – and figured I must’ve had it wrong). It occurred at a boundary throw-in directly in front of where we stood in the outer. From our slightly elevated perspective, it appeared Dermie thumped Yeates in the solar plexus, but according to Mark it was a good deal lower than that, as his calloused testicle now attests to.

    How the ump never awarded a free-kick was hard to fathom. I concluded he was blind-sighted.

    Am hoping Seven includes this match in its current schedule, as haven’t seen it since.

  2. daniel flesch says

    Thanks to all involved in that wonderful webinar! A couple of points though , which weren’t in it , but are maybe in the book…Mark Yeates listed the young players who played well that day – Cameron , Malekellis etc., but no mention of Barry Stoneham who deserved inclusion i think. Another player deserving recognition is Bruce Lindner playing across half back,did his best in the first half especially to keep Geelong in it and was their leading possession player with 25 disposals . Another instance not mentioned was Gary Hocking’s knocking John Platten out of the game in the first quarter, possibly the reason Dipper later dealt with him. (And yes, Adelaide Almanackers , acknowledgement Lindner and Platten both crow-eaters.) Co-incidentally , that match is the only GF i’ve ever been to and might get around to writing about it one day.

  3. daniel flesch says

    And another semi-interesting semi-relevant observation – the book’s cover pic. features Stephen Hocking , now with a big role in running the whole AFL show .

  4. george smith says

    “Why the 1970 grand final and not 1989 matters most
    By Jake Niall
    AGE April 18, 2020”

    Well there you go, Jake and Martin, Bob Rose and Tuddy agree with me. 1970 changed everything, and it’s 50 years ago! There was a grim postscript to all this but, which gives me some satisfaction – the last 25 years of Carlton…

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