Almanac Tennis: The Lessons of Ash Barty



Given that it’s back to school week and given that I’m a former teacher, I think we can incorporate an exercise to fit in with the Australian Open. In particular, I think we should focus on what we can learn from Ash Barty. So rather than just sit back and admire her, let’s try to put what we’ve learned from her. Here’s some homework:


In no more than 200 words, please respond to one of the following topics:


a) Ash Barty is a class act.




b) Ash Barty helps us to understand perspective in life. (Answer with particular reference to her post-match press conference.)




c) Ash Barty is a refreshing throwback to the grand old days of Australian tennis.


Please lodge your response in the Comments section below.




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  1. b) Ash Barty helps us to understand perspective in life.

    Ash Barty brought her infant niece along to her press conference. In doing so, she said a lot. What matters is that we value the gift of life and the opportunities it affords us. Family, love, values, connection – these last a lifetime; a tennis career is comparatively fleeting.

    As for the loss on court, she acknowledged, with typical honesty, that she fumbled her opportunities – she was two points from winning. So Ash said ‘we learn and we move on’. She accepts that she won’t always win but she’ll give it her very best every time and try to be a better player. And if her best is not good enough to win, that’s ok.

    A student once gave me a card that said that teachers aren’t remembered so much for what they taught us but for how they made us feel. Ash Barty, regardless of what else happens in her career, will leave us with memories of honesty, humility, warmth, sincerity, grace, openness, friendliness, commitment and using her opportunities for good

    Ash Barty is a class act!

  2. Cannot agree more Ian!
    Ash Barty is a class act and it would pay every sporting organisation in the country to get a copy of some of her post-match interviews to show as part of a lesson to all aspiring athletes.
    Probably would take it further and with no disrespect to The Pythons but have it in all schools entitled “The Meaning of Life”.

  3. Brian The Ruminator says

    We should be able to have parallel discussions about her and other sports stars. She is a wonderful person who conducts herself with great dignity. The way she handled the Oz Day imbroglio is a case in point.

    However, as a competitive athlete I can’t help but wonder if she has the ‘mongrel’ to be a multiple slam winner. The field is so open at the moment for someone to dominate like Serena. Ash is as good a contender as anyone. I’d love to see that fire to go to the next level. I hope she proves me wrong.

  4. Ash as a tigers fan ( which I am so glad you are
    Just remember

    what you endure will make you stronger
    she is living embodiment of culture first winning second
    Integrity the winner

  5. Ash Barty is a quality human being on & off court/oval/pitch. There is not a long list of stars who qualify under both. Jack Nicklaus. Ken Rosewall. Bjorn Borg. Chris Judd……..?
    Self absorption & hatred of losing seem requisite qualities for most people to become elite.

  6. I will take both a) and b). I reckon c) is stretching things a little; let’s not gild the lily too far.
    I have always liked Ash Barty, and I think the story of her career is just magnificent: from talented junior, to being “burnt out” and switching to cricket, then relaunching her tennis journey and reaching the peak. Not too many parallels that I can think of.
    She still takes home $1,000,000 in prize-money. Not too shabby.

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