Almanac Teams: The Marvel Team

Marvel AFL Team


Backs:                           Black Widow                             Daredevil                         Black Panther


Half Backs:                   Iceman                                      Hulk                                  Magneto


Centre:                          Daredevil                                Captain America ©         Hawkeye


Half Forwards:             Doctor Strange                        Spider Man                 Human Torch


Forwards:                     Chameleon                              Thor                             Destiny


Ruck                Giant Man

RR                   Iron Man

Rover              Ant Man


Interchange:    The Phantom, Invisible Woman, Doctor Doom, Wolverine


Anyone care to throw up alternatives?


Any takers from DC?!



  1. Shane J Backx says

    Pendlebury will quit as Collingwood skipper to be replaced by Mason Cox. This is so that when they play at Marvel Stadium, Cox can be known as Captain America. Incidentally if the late Tony Greig was around he would call it Morrrrrvel Stadium

  2. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Nice one Dave. More a DC man, so therefore I’d have Wonder Woman on the wing doing her brilliant blind turns and Flash Gordon at half-forward swooping on the loose balls.

  3. Marvellous Dave.

    I actually find the new name of the ground more intriguing than the team. Colonial, Docklands, Etihad, Marvel, who says Football is sport ?


  4. David Henricus says

    The name is a winner for the AFL in this case Glen.
    This will attract a lot of families to the ground – not only to watch the game but to experience the “Marvel” brand.
    Given that they do it appropriately, it will be a cash cow for Marvel and the AFL – from the game experience to the merch you can buy at the ground and in club colours/items.
    What if Marvel asked each club to nominate their preferred super hero? That’s another Almanac item!
    I don’t think people bought a lot of plane tickets or opened up bank accounts. Only telstra came close to being a business connected to the people where naming rights were profitable or worthwhile.

  5. G’day David, your reply emphasises the point I spoke about.

    The use of terms like brand, game experience, cash cow ,reflects contemporary football. The AFL is big business that’s life. We live under capitalism, a system of commodification of virtually every aspect of life. If you can make a buck out of it, you will, that’s the ‘name of the game.’

    I’m happy to watch footy on TV; currently have the match in Alice Springs on in the background. Football is part of the entertainment industry, as are all major ‘sports’. That’s life in 2018.


  6. Love it, David.

    Surely I am not alone in thinking that Marvel Stadium is an excellent branding idea.
    It could have been so much worse.

  7. David Henricus says

    Agreed Smokie.
    My only reservation is if it detracts from the game itself.
    If their promotions overshadow the match, then we have problems.
    We only need be at the stadium to find ourselves drowned out by the excessive loud noise or the need to wear sunglasses due to the bright and flashing advertising currently to be apprehensive.
    With technology today, anything is possible … their movies have proven this.

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