Almanac Footy Teams: A team of brothers

Here’s a team of brothers from Greig Norman:


Backs:       Ian Nankervis         Shane Wakelin         Syd Coventry


Half Backs:       Chris Scott      Albert Collier         Neale Daniher


Centres:       Geoff Ablett          Tony Shaw         Brad Scott


Half Forwards:        Shane Morwood            Terry Daniher              Ray Shaw


Forwards:       Gary Ablett         Gordon Coventry           Tony Morwood


Rucks:               Simon Madden             Bruce Nankervis


Rover:           Harry Collier


Interchange:          Justin Madden        Daryl Wakelin


Coaches:            Norm Smith                Len Smith



Very Collingwood-centric I know.

Surely there will be other brother sides to beat it.



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  1. I like the brother combinations where one is much better known than the other:

    Tim and Larry Watson
    Richard and Graham Osborne
    Steve and Michael Wright
    Simon and Paul Atkins (identical twins)

  2. Colin Ritchie says

    Surely Anthony Daniher and Chris Daniher should be considered!

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Wayne and Daryl Schimmelbusch
    David and Peter Cloke
    Graham and Barry Ion
    Robbert and Kym Klomp
    Barry and Mark Norsworthy

  4. Michael & Brendan Gale from that quirky Tasmanian town of Penguin

  5. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Pretty handy team Greig. Full of skill and toughness.
    Spiro and Tony Malekellis
    Sav and Anthony Rocca
    John and Peter Worsfold, Bill and Blair Brownless (Swish)
    Peter and Phil Matera
    Jim and Phil Krakouer must be in contention ?

  6. Phil, you neglected to mention little Wally, the Gummo Marx of the Matera family

  7. Gerard & Greg Healy, one a Brownlow Medallist, the other captain of Melbourne 1988-1990

  8. Barrie and Rodney Robran
    Matthew and Jon Robran
    Michael and Andrew Aish includes the best player I have seen another champion and a lot of other super talent
    ( Neil and Craig Balme )

  9. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Paul and John Bagshaw
    Stephen and David Kernahan
    Tony and Phil McGuinness

  10. What about Joel and Scott Selwood?

  11. Mark, Anthony and Stephen Williams. Robert and Peter Oatey Ron and Terry Kneebone. Also there are numerous baseballing brothers. Probably the most famous are Peter, Dave and Gerry Roberts, then came Bruce, Graham and Max Harris, Fred and Kevin Medley, Dave and John Gooley and Claude and Adrian Pearce not to mention Neil and Russell Page.The list goes on and on..

  12. More nanes have come to mind. Fos and Glyn Williams, Fos coached Port Adelaide , brother Glyn coached Sturt. Bob, Bill and Ray hank were all star players for West Torrens and John Abley was Port’s hard full back with brother Kevin Glenelg’s full back.

  13. A few that immediately came to mind have already been mentioned. Here’s a couple more:
    Richard Cochrane snr and Billy Cochrane CDFC
    Richard Cochrane jnr and Stewart Cochrane. CDFC
    Chad Cornes and Kane Cornes. The Filth
    Chris and James Gowans (twins!) CDFC
    Roger, Don and Brian Woodcock Nwd
    Bob, Bill and Ray Hank (WT)
    Daniel and Troy Menzel (CDFC, later AFL)
    Shane and Troy Bond (Wharfies)
    I’m certain there are many more.
    And what about father/sons, or even cousins?

  14. Some more old SANFL ones.
    Fred and Wayne Phillis (Glenelg), Alan and Wayne Stringer (Glenelg), John and Darryl Cahill (Port), Fred and Brenton Bills (West Torrens)

  15. The Coodabeens once had a team of “Dud Brothers”.
    Terry Alderman was in it, as was Itchy Brother!

    From North Melbourne:
    Arnold and Robert Briedis
    Wayne and Darryl Schimmelbusch
    Dean and Glenn Dugdale (sons of John)
    Brent and Shane Harvey
    Jim and Phil Krakouer
    Shannon and Daniel Motlop
    Anthony and Michael Stevens
    Garry and Doug Farrant
    David and Anthony Dwyer
    Shane and Rohan Robertson

  16. Phil, john and martin Gallagher at Norwood. Hey Rabid, I’ve already mentioned the Hank brothers.

  17. Almost forgot – Don Pyke, current Crows coach and his brother James who played for Norwood and played cricket for West Torrens. Matthew and Richard Kelly were good players for the Redlegs. Matt made the inaugural Crows squad but a bad knee injury ruined his career. centreman Richard, after a few years at Norwood, transferred to Glenelg as a defender.

  18. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Bill and Wes Barrot
    Steve and Mark Pavlich
    Michael and Noel Long
    Greg, Gilbert and Adrian McAdam

  19. Swish, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Steve to be Mark Pavlich’s father
    Glynn (Lleyton’s father) and Daryl Hewitt
    Peter and Bret Motley
    Rodney and Daryl Seekamp
    Lester junior and Jonathon Ross
    Peter and Mick Minervini

  20. PS Sorry folks, I’m getting forgetful in my old age, I left out John and Tom Warhurst and Ian and Robert Day

  21. Russell and Craig Ebert were star Port magpies players. The list goes on and on.

  22. Hey fellows, how about Andrew and Darren Jarman
    Doug (Norwood) and Don (Sturt) Olds
    Rodney (Rocket) and Brenton Maynard

  23. Colin Ritchie says

    Just thought of more brothers, all Essendon related.

    Jackson and Zach Merrett

    Corey and Shaun McKernan

  24. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Hey Fisho, Steve Pavlich is Matthew Pavlich’s father – Mark Pavlich is Steve’s brother.

  25. Sorry Swish, I should have known better than to query you
    Cheers Fisho

  26. Michael & Brett Voss

  27. Hope Swish and Fisho can help me out with this one:
    World of Sport host Gordon Schwartz played 3 games for Norwood in the SANFL and had a brother Blair who commentated SANFL games on Channel 7 and played piano at the Pizza Hut.
    Adelaide Advertiser football writer Merv Agars played 102 games for West Adelaide and has a son Graeme who is an international tennis and golf commentator.
    Gordon’s sister married Merv’s brother and they have a son – legendary Adelaide sports journalist Gordon Agars.

  28. No Hockings? Shocking!

  29. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Jim and Brian Stynes
    Stephen and David Kernahan
    The Houlihan clan

  30. Sorry Pete, I will leave this one to Swish to help on this one.
    Incidentally, I’ve become a big fan of Swish, even though he’s a Centrals’ man. I always look forward to reading his articles and look forward to reading his comments.
    Cheers Fisho

  31. We could raise the bar by ncluding twins.

    Michael Kol, Geelong: Nigel Kol, Geelong/Melbourne.


  32. Going back a bit to find John ‘Bunny’ Daly and Anthony ‘Bos’ Daly. Bunny was considered the finest rover of his era while Bos was a full forward who once kicked 23.1 in a match (hitting the post)

  33. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    The postal order is in the mail Fisho, thanks

  34. Shane and Justin Crawford

  35. Ross Treverton says

    What about Leigh and Kelvin Matthews!

  36. How about a team of test cricketing brothers
    I’ll start the BALL ROLLING with Trevor, Greg and Ian Chappell,
    Steve and Mark Waugh
    Richie and John Benaud
    Come on lads and lasses, help me out

  37. Let’s give our team an international flavour with the following added to our squad
    Jeff and Martin Crowe
    Peter and Grahame Pollock
    Sir Richard and Dayle Hadley
    The Bedser Boys (as distinct from the Beagle Boys) actually they were identical twins, Alec and Eric
    I bet the Beagles would be involved in illegal betting

  38. Dave & Ned Gregory were in the first ever Test for Australia in March 1877, Charles & Alec Bannerman, and the Marshmallow brothers, Shaun & Mitch, are the only brothers to play Test cricket together for Australia, apart from the Chappells & Waughs.

    Andy & Grant Flower (Zimbabwe) and Hanif & Mushtaq Mohammed (Pakistan) are some others.

  39. Mohinder & Surinder Armanath both played for India in the 1970’s -80’s.

    Their father also played test cricket for India post WW2.


  40. Hey Gerry, I believe both Benaud brothers played for Australia

  41. yes indeed they did Fisho, but not together. John’s debut for Australia was 20 years after Richie’s.

  42. Albie & Morne Morkel are another set of brothers to play test cricket

  43. Neil and Merve Harvey – Merve played 1 test for Aust

  44. You might like this team of brothers Greig

  45. Greig Norman says

    Thanks Noel. This is clearly a topic that has been addressed by masters.

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