Almanac Spelling: The top ten phonetic spellings from a prep student in 2016 (all from Evie aged 5)

Top ten phonetic spellings from a Prep student in 2016 (all from Evie aged 5)

Published as part of Les Everett’s end of year best-ofs, and celebrations, and top tens:

A top 10 list with a dif france by John Harms


  1. I love “biwbe” and “kyoote”, but I can’t blame her because a reporter on the channel something news the other night kept talking about a person who had been “kiwed” . She obviously meant “killed”.

    JRR Tolkien would make a new language out of this magnificent spelling.

  2. Gorgeous Evie at only 5 years old already displaying the foundations of a gifted creative writer.
    A beautiful confluence of genes and environment….

  3. Neil Anderson says

    Spelling chef with a ph ending…now that’s real talent. A classical education and still finds time to harvest Doggie Almanacs. Wow!

  4. Tess, I’d love to see Evie tackle confluence. I’ll put it to her tomorrow.

  5. It’s interesting to read as a person who speaks English as the second language.

    I think Evie has got good talents and admire her. My suggestion is creating alternative spelling for Footy related words and names of footballers.

    And we Japanese seem to need her help because many translators don’t put the right katakana (that represent foreign words) to resprrsent correct pronunciations on names of people and places.



  6. Tess,

    Evie went with


  7. I knew from the moment my heart met hers she was a star.

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