Almanac Soccer: The World Cup – not always so glorious

Every four years, football/soccer/the world game brings us one of the great sporting feasts, the World Cup. Amidst the glitz and glory that goes with it is an alternative narrative which exposes a not so salubrious underbelly of match fixing, political interference and the like. Roy Hay is one writer who has chronicled the bad and the ugly.


Yesterday, The Conversation featured the following article by Roy recounting fixed matches, political interference and other less than salubrious incidents across the decades. Here’s the link:


Go the Socceroos!



  1. george smith says

    Just looking at the sending off of David Beckham in the 1998 World Cup against Argentina. Just another footy player behaving badly in the grand tradition of Suarez and Zidane, except for the reaction of the English gutter press that was so over the top that it still disgusts me to this day.

    I won’t repeat it but I will say that a man’s relationship with his girlfriend has nothing whatsoever to do with how he plays in a soccer match!

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