The Parade College Writing Workshop: A Champions League dream

By Yanni Pargas



It was a cold winter’s night leading up to the biggest game of the year, the Champions League final. I was having flashbacks of the year before; the memories weren’t so good. Liverpool lost to Real Madrid.


The early game started just before sunrise. The Reds were going for their 6th Champions League Trophy. They hadn’t won it in 14 years. That night I had gone to bed early to ensure I had full focus on the game.


“Yanni it’s time!!!!” My dad woke me up an hour prior to kick off. People were arriving at our house, bacon and eggs were sizzling, and I was ready. The couch was a sea of red like the dominant crowd at Wanda Metropolitano, it was like they brought the famous Kop crowd from Anfield. It was 10 minutes to kick off and the players were walking out, the Liverpool supporters were singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ loud and proud.


As the whistle sounded the Spurs kicked off, Liverpool stole the ball straight away and went forward. Sadio Mane ran into the box with speed and suddenly he was fouled in the box. The referee decided to go upstairs to the VAR, a tight decision, but Liverpool were awarded a penalty. Clinical Mo Salah stepped up for the kick. My heart was beating but I had faith in him as he hadn’t missed a penalty for a while. The whistle was blown, and Salah slots it into the bottom corner. The living room went crazy, my sister sleeping upstairs was complaining because we were too loud. I looked at my dad with excitement and wanted to thank him for carrying on this tradition of supporting this great team. It was only two minutes in, and we had already snatched the lead. The rest of the half was nail-biting, it was end-to-end football.


As the whistle went for half time, the nerves had really kicked in. Did we need to make subs? Were we going to sit back and let them attack? I was pacing around the lounge-room, my dad was trying to calm me down. “Have faith Yanni,” he said.


This game was so important because I had never seen my team win a major trophy.


The second half began, and the Spurs were on top. Heading into the last 25 minutes, Liverpool needed a change in the attack and who better than the man that got us here, Divock Origi. Ten long minutes had gone by and we were on the attack again. A corner was whipped into the box and it was spilt by the goalkeeper and landed at the feet of Divock Origi. The room went so silent you could hear my sister snoring upstairs. Origi slotted it into the bottom right corner to make it 2-0 with only three minutes to play, the household went crazy, pillows were getting thrown everywhere and people were cheering. The engraver began to engrave Liverpool into the trophy.


As the players received their winning medals and the trophy was lifted, I sat there in silence trying to sink in what I just witnessed. It was a champions league extravaganza.














  1. John Butler says

    Good on you Yanni. Welcome to the Almanac. :)

    Nice story.

  2. Well done Yanni! I could just picture you and your family there in your lounge room watching the match.

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