Almanac Snooker: Oh dear!

There are many kinds of disappointment in life.

This is yet another one:



  1. Peter Flynn says

    Thanks for posting JTH.

    Here Old Mate was up against Aussie Neil Robertson (earlier round).

    He ends up losing the match to Robertson.

    Robertson makes the final (UK Snooker Open) and guess what he does in the final?


  2. Hums Jerusalem during the first frame?

  3. Peter Flynn says

    Shoots a 147 in the final.

  4. Dave Brown says

    The 115th in snooker history and 1st in a final – right up there with punching a shark (for surfers, anyway). Pot that black, baby!

  5. Like Peter Hudson kicking into the man on the mark in 1971 Grand Final from 20 yards out.

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