Almanac Satire: The Principal sends for Barnaby

(with apologies to Bryan Dawe and the late John Clarke)



Principal: Come in, Barnaby.


Barnaby: (over his shoulder, yelling) Oh! Tell him to come here and say that! He’s asking for it!


Principal: Barnaby.


Barnaby: (still yelling, taking his seat) After school! The shelter sheds!


Principal: Barnaby, that’s enough.


Barnaby: He’s asking for it.


Principal: Who’s asking for it?


Barnaby: The Shrinking Man, that’s who. He’s inept.


Principal: Now, now.


Barnaby: Inept.


Principal: That’s a terrific word, Barnaby. Congratulations.


Barnaby: Thanks.


Principal: Yes. But we’re not here to talk about the Head Boy, are we?


Barnaby: Aren’t we?


Principal: No. Do you know why I called you here?


Barnaby: (glares; changes to a stare of confusion)






Principal: Well?


Barnaby: Is it because of my watering job?


Principal: Your watering job? Why would I call you in to discuss your watering job?


Barnaby: Oh.. I don’t know. It’s been a tricky job. Surprisingly tricky…


Principal: How has it been tricky, Barnaby? We only have so much water. You just need to fairly and equitably share it around.


Barnaby: Yeah. Sort of…


Principal: Have you managed to share it fairly?


Barnaby: Yeah, nah. Mostly…


Principal: I see.


Barnaby: Well, it’s complicated. There’s not enough water. And too many tough guys.


Principal: Which tough guys?


Barnaby: Nah. It’s alright. They told me not to say.


Principal. Hmm. Alright. We’ll leave that aside for tonight. But we’ll come back to that at Parent-Teacher interviews, I think. Look, I didn’t call you in here to discuss your watering job. Why do you think I invited you here?


Barnaby: Is it because of my old girlfriend?


Principal: Pardon?


Barnaby: Well everyone’s talking about it. And I just changed girlfriends. That’s all. Lots of people do that.


Principal: Lots of people change partner, that’s true.


Barnaby: Yeah, so what’s the big deal?


Principal: Well it was a bit more serious than that, wasn’t it, Barnaby?


Barnaby: No it wasn’t. Not really.




Barnaby: Well. Sort of. Well, yeah, I guess.




Barnaby: But I’m allowed to do that. It’s a free country.


Principal: Of course you’re allowed. And it might surprise you to know that I didn’t call you in to discuss your personal life, either.


Barnaby: Oh.


Principal: No. It’s none of my business. But thanks for telling me. You reveal quite a lot.


Barnaby: (checks his trousers) Do I?


Principal: Probably more than you know. Now, Barnaby, can you think of any other reason I might have asked you in here? Anything at all?


Barnaby: Er…. You tell me.


Principal: Barnaby you’re responsible for a lot of School money, aren’t you?


Barnaby: I was voted in for that job.


Principal: Yes. Now, what do you know about the word “nepotism”?


Barnaby: (Tilts his head) Err… Is it better than “inept”?


Principal: Well… they probably belong side-by-side. What about “awareness”?


Barnaby: (leans forward, eyes gleam) What have you got in mind?


Principal: No, no. I mean, what do you know about the word “awareness”?


Barnaby: (rocks rapidly back) Ah-wear-niss, you say? Nope. Don’t know that one.


Principal: Ahh, well this is why you’re here today. You hold a position of enormous trust when it comes to school funds.


Barnaby: Yes.


Principal: And your judgement is called upon with regard to all sorts of very important decisions.


Barnaby: Yes.


Principal: You’re supposed to be a leader of our community, Barnaby.


Barnaby: Yes.


Principal: And in that position, you simply can’t go getting jobs for your mates. And you can’t accept expensive gifts from mates. It’s not on. It’s simply not on.


Barnaby: No.


(Bell sounds)


Principal: Look, I’ve got to go. Now, what do you suggest we do from here?


Barnaby: I know some watering blokes that could help me out.




J Clarke and B Dawe would have smashed this week.
This script lends itself (in totality) to works such as this:



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  1. Gordon Duncan says:

    No apologies to John and Brian needed David.

  2. e.r.
    If there is a heaven John Clarke is surely sitting there pissing himself laughing, and rueing the fact that he and Brian were not able to be a part of all this.

  3. DBalassone says:

    Ha ha. Nicely played out ER. Can just imagine this.

    I might be wrong, but I can’t help wondering if we all missed the real reason behind Turnbull’s “a shocking error of judgement” comments. Was he discreetly, indirectly having a crack at the Opposition Leader for his actions about a decade ago?

    Ah, the dark arts…

  4. Thanks G Duncan, Smokie, D Balassone,

    It seems truth is stranger than fiction, after all.
    DB – that’s an interesting interpretation.

  5. John Butler says:

    Onya, E Reg.

    It’s a brave man who dares to satirize current events.


  6. Luke Reynolds says:

    Brilliant! Well played ER.
    Loved the Clarke & Dawe clip. What a loss J.Clarke was.
    Reckon DB has nailed the interpretation intended by MT.
    Very hard to like anyone in parliament at the moment. Rulebook for PM.

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