Almanac Rugby League: The suburban game



The Dogs of Henson
Mario Facchini (mfaphotography)


The cameras were out at Henson Park again last weekend. Courtesy of Glen Dwyer, we received this beauty taken by Mario Facchini of mfsphotography.


I think it must have been the half-time break or the interlude between matches because I can’t see a single person taking any notice of what’s happening on the field. But you imagine dozens of kids of various ages having a kick out on the field. The picnic rugs, baskets of food and drink, fans across the generations – some things never change. Thankfully.


But what else is happening at suburban footy these days? I spy designer dogs, craft beers and I’m willing to bet there’s also barista coffee! Probably multicultural food offerings, too. Whatever happened to Nescafé or Maxwell House instant coffee in a plastic cup too hot to hold, XXXX Gold, VB or Tooheys New in an ice-cold can? Pies and chips smothered in tomato sauce? Mars Bars, Cherry Ripes and Violet Crumbles?


Ain’t life great?


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  1. This looks to me like the style of ‘game day experience’ I want – a relaxed, family friendly, uncluttered, unimposed time out with family and friends coalescing around the footy and our local lads and lasses. It’s about respecting the people who go along as much as it’s about the game. Contrast that with the hyped, packaged, noisy and confected ‘excitement’ imposed on us in the concrete cathedrals which is all about the product/package/corporate business deal wrapped up as sport.

  2. Dr Rocket says

    Always enjoying going to Henson Park to see footy – its also used by AFL Sydney.

    It was good to see the Newtown Breakaways celebrate their 20th year at Henson recently.
    The Newtown Aussie Rules club was the most successful in Sydney until its demise in 1987.
    They played at Erskensville Oval.

    An added bonus at Henson used to be the air show as planes took off from nearby Mascot.

    Neill Jones recently posted a great piece on memories of the Bluebags at Henson.

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