Almanac Recommendations: Bush to Belly

David Jones is a reader of the Almanac and long time educator. A bloke whose opinion counts.

Here is what he had to say about this SBS documentary “Bush to Belly.”


“I finally have watched this amazing documentary about the Bush to Belly education program being run for students in the community school at Yiyili in the Kimberley. It is one of the most moving and inspirational programs about the value of indigenous and non indigenous folk working together to improve the educational and life outcomes for young people that I have seen in my 40+ years as an educator, and in my humble opinion should be compulsory viewing for all pre service teachers because the learnings from it for educators are UNIVERSAL. Thanks so much for suggesting I watch it because in a world where the daily news world wide fills me with despair this program offers a dose of HOPE which is remedy for the despondency and disillusionment that can result from reading and watching the daily news. To paraphrase what the wonderful Noni Hazelhurst said in her speech at the Logies, we need more good news stories to inspire us and show that good things are still happening in this world.”

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  1. E.regnans says

    This is excellent.
    Huge congratulations to all involved.

    Those setting up the program, those carrying out the work, those getting stuck in… with smiles and with the spirit of possibility – hats off.
    And to the cyclists – jeepers!
    Such a stunning backdrop to the story, too, beautifully captured.


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