Almanac Radio Interview: Conversations with Cornesy


If you’ve got nothing to listen to while peeling the spuds, you might like to listen to John Harms and Graham Cornes having a chat, although JTH tells us he’d rather have been on the other side of the mic…


Listen here:


Read John Harms Almanac Writings HERE.




  1. Always wonderful listening to a great raconteur like JTH riffing on themes. Cornesy never seems to get around to his prepared footy questions because the digressions are so engaging.
    Felt like a journey back through Australian social history and the times of the 60’s; 70’s; 80’s and 90’s.
    Maybe the world really did end with Y2K and everything since has just been a parallel digital universe?
    Do yourself a favour and transport back in time to when short wave radio was a big thing.

  2. Barry Nicholls says

    Nice evocation John.

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I think we’ve found Macca’s replacement for Sunday mornings, and I don’t mean Studley.

  4. John Harms says

    Thanks to Graham for the invitation. I would love to have been on the other side of the mic. I find Graham really interesting. He’s been in a lot of scraps – including some very serious ones in Vietnam as a young man.

    He has been, and remains, a significant, senior figure in the life of South Australia.

    I enjoyed watching when the camera went to him during the Australian Football Hall of Fame – which I thought was a great night. I thought he showed so much respect and pride for the inductees, but especially for the South Australians, Chris McDermott and Michael ‘Flash’ Graham.

    South Australia is not very big, in the sense that it does not have a large population, but it still does a lot of stuff. That takes initiative and energy and belief. Something Graham Cornes has always had, and continues to have.

    I am not South Australian, despite what some people may think, but I do have a connection with and love of the place. Before we came to spend some time in the Barossa in January 2021, I had visited often (at least once every year) – I have family who moved here in the early 1980s so we would travel to see them, and I’ve had a long association with the Barossa generally but also with Rockford Wines in particular. .I did do my Dip Ed at Flinders in 1985. That was a fun year, but I returned to Queensland to take up my first teaching position at a Lutheran college.

    During that Dip Ed year (what an awkward degree that is), I met lots of great people, many of whom I remain friends with, and get to see more often now that we live here.

    So, all in all, I was very grateful to Graham for the invitation to have a chat.

  5. Fabulous conversation Harmsy . Could have listened for hours. I enjoyed him interviewing you but could see you grappling for the main chair at times! Ha! He would be a great subject I would think.

  6. Daryl Schramm says

    Just got around to listening to the interview. I enjoyed every moment of you telling your story JTH. I intend to share it around my circles to help TFA cause. Great stuff.

  7. Dennis Gedling says

    Great listen JTH.

    When Matt Zurbo was mentioned, wasn’t Graham in his book speaking with a lot of famous players? That’s where I first found out about Graham’s Vietnam service.

  8. E.regnans says

    Adding my nasal bass to the chorus above.

    I loved this.
    Thanks JTH and thanks Graham Cornes.
    Connection, meaning, the search.
    Beautiful, thoughtful, respectful.

  9. Peter Clark says

    Sunshine here in Jervis Bay this morning … more than meteorologically-speaking. What a way to spend an hour – listening to the exchange between Cornesy and JTH. I enjoy Graham’s conversations program for the diversity of interviewees he hosts and for his knack of keeping it about them (but he can always be relied upon to add a gem or two from his experiences of mutually-known personalities).

    The finale was my favourite moment … John’s thoughts on the modern game and his love of the chaos that sometimes happens in the desperate last minutes of a close game.

    A favourite ‘heroic moment’ of mine: 2009 G/F … Stevie J centres to Gary Jnr … ball spills as Scarlo comes off his man … and the rest is history!

  10. Really good to hear you in the flesh J. Harms, after reading several books. However, old mate G. Cornes could not help himself, could he? Had to have a crack at D. Grainger, even though the bloke has been dead for months. Never any mention of any sins by Glenelg players. Then, the ultimate irony, pass to Cornes for late mark in 1973 GF came from…C. Marriott.

  11. Daryl Schramm says

    Interesting comments above. I have recently followed up on other episodes of CWC. Since JTH, I’ve listened to Greg Champion, Glen McMahon, Ben Porter and Danielle Laidley, and Rick Darling and Max O’Connell earlier. More to come. John seemed to have put Cornesy under a bit of pressure by trying to turn the tables. There were a couple of instances where Cornesy had asked a question on something John had already mentioned in the convo.

  12. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Make sure you track down the Barrie Robran and Russell Ebert ones DS (and of course Sonny Morey)

  13. Enjoyed that JTH especially when you kept switching to interviewee
    Learnt a fair bit 2

  14. Barry Nicholls says

    A good one with Michael Sexton too.

  15. DBalassone says

    A pleasure to listen to. Great to hear more of your story JTH.

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