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Time-poor this week. To be honest, if time permitted I’d rather access than Racing Australia. Reality is I’ll spend little time on either (and not get to see the magnificent Royal Ascot coverage). But I will be at the Valley on Saturday when suddenly my focus will be on finding a winner. Maybe the total lack of prep will work in my favour? Certainly any advice from Knackers will be appreciated.

Good luck!


  1. This whole Nikolic stench is so bad for racing. How can the Chief Steward keep going?

  2. Wow. Nevertheless, that’s just domestics…
    Bailey’s a contentious character. I don’t want to undermine a Steward’s authority nor allow bullies to run him out of town, but the hardline has failed – Moody and Nikolic are making a laughing stock of the Industry and something has to give.

  3. Royal Ascot always manages to throw up a sensation. This time a US 2YO

  4. Busy few weeks recently so really only had a chance to have a quick look at races up north in the carnival. Same this week…Eyeliner at Ipswich, happy to stay away from the fav who will get back on a track that normally favours on pacers. Thought Saluter and Beckham looked value there. Earlier in the day there has been a heavily backed shorty but happy to be on one to beat it, thought whatever beat Happy Event would win, happy to take on the fav at the shorts.
    Good luck

  5. Something on Mio Dio in the 6th in Adel, Chance to Dance in 8th at MV. Not overly keen on anything apart from a good red which fortunately I have in plentiful supply but also waiting on QLD weather and if raining will back Jumbo Prince in the cup there.

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