Almanac Poetry: Golf – 5


Over undulating sandy dunes,
Where flags and tiny holes are peppered,
Appear the ladies with macaroons

To share morning tea with Alan Shepard —
The famous golfing astronaut,
Who took two spots from a leopard,

To the moon. And swung a club he wrought,
And became the furthest earthly chap,
To unburden us with weightless sport.

Without gravity — you get more snap,
And those leopard spots — fly off the map.



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  1. Love it,
    “I watched it soaring weightlessly,
    Unhindered by much gravity;
    Lunar golf a joy to play,
    Lost balls the price we’ll have to pay,”
    Speaking of long drives, one of many stories about legendary gambler and golf hustler Titanic Thompson is about his laying a big bet on his ability to drive 500 yards off the first tee at a Chicago golf course. He was in no hurry to contest the wager, spending weeks hanging around the clubhouse playing cards. After some weeks he went to the first tee, turned around and hit it over 500 yards skidding across a by then frozen Lake Michigan.
    When negro golfers were “blackballed” from the PGA Tour in the 1950’s he enlisted Lee Elder (later the first black golfer to play in the US Masters) who had a withered bent left arm from a childhood accident. Thompson would get Elder a job on the maintenance crew at wealthy southern clubs. He’d goad Texas oilmen by saying he could beat their best players with anyone he could find around the club – “like that black guy on the tractor.”

  2. Lunar golf. Unreal. Thanks for the tip on Titanic. I just read up about him. A first class bounder and cad, and the highest accolade of all: a colorful racing identity! His life could definitely be a 8 episode netflix series.

  3. Nice, Pards.

  4. Daryl Schramm says

    Thanks PB. I just read up on TT. I had not heard of him. Wow.

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