Almanac Podcast – Episode six

Episode Six of the Footy Almanac podcast for your aural pleasure, in which we mark the passing of Geoffrey Edelsten’s dignity. This week, it’s all about statues, copying your heroe,s and reflecting on the courage of the Magnificent Murri Nine. We also ask the question: do professional sports people still ‘do it for…” in this day and age and what are some of the things in your world that are overrated?




  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Surely the Doc’s partner was his ‘plus two’

  2. mickey randall says

    Heard the “plus two” doesn’t care about the Doc’s money. It must be their shared love of Tolstoy and ornamental gardening.

  3. Love a Saturday morning with almanac podcast team. Been really struggling with all the mainstream coverage this year, so you blokes a breath of fresh air. I now have you as my second fav show behind Finey and Robert Shaw on Sunday mornings ( and gee that’s a great show if anyone’s not caught it before.)

  4. Thanks T-Bone, 2nd fave is an honour. Very funny Swish and Mickey. Love is blind and slightly doddery by look of it. Cheers

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