Almanac Photo Essay: Southern Flinders Tigers v Peterborough Jamestown Magpies

Let’s give these photos some captions – add you suggestions (photo number, caption) below.


Peter Argent (@argentphatsnaps) took his camera to some rural football at the Wirrabara Oval on Saturday.
Three hour drive from the Big Smoke to get there.

Southern Flinders Tigers  v Peterborough Jamestown Magpies in the Northern Areas Football Association.

Wirrabara-Laura became Southern Flinders in 2002. They play a small handful (2-3)  of games at Wirrabara each year.



Thanks to Peter Argent. Thanks too, to Lawrie Colliver and his fantastic South Australia Country Footy site.

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Wirrabara 01

Photo 01


Colour - Other grades 6

Photo 02


Colour - Other grades 15

Photo 03


Colour - Other grades 16

Photo 04


Colour - Other grades 18

Photo 05


Colour - Other grades 21

Photo 06


Colour - Other grades 23

Photo 07



Colour - Other grades 24

Photo 07


Colour - Other grades 30

Photo 08



Photo 09



Reserves #20

Photo 10


Wirrabara 1

Photo 11



  1. Peter- I love the last photo: the grandstand and the pepper tree. Just as Vin has pursued scoreboards I reckon there’s a similar opportunity in collecting and publishing photos of grandstands; especially older ones in the country.

  2. E.regnans says

    Mickey – I love that one, too.
    The angle of the shot reminds me of the Diesel and Dust cover image.
    That’s my caption idea. Photo 11: Diesel and Dust.
    Diesel and Dust

  3. E.regnans says

    Photo 04: Finals hopes go up in flames.

  4. Great photos PA. So evocative of time and place.
    Good to see you got the thumbs up from David Hayes (#7). Maybe Crio can explain what he was doing at Wirrabara instead of Flemington.

  5. Love photo 11.

    Have you been to Towong racecourse? Superb grandstand there

  6. Peter Clark says

    Photo 08 is a classic: Symmetry in motion.

    Textbook play from the Magpies player in front reaching for a mark with arms outstretched while the Tigers player clenches a fist to punch from behind, both pivoting on their right legs.

  7. Mickey
    Have you ever seen the book “Beyond the Big Sticks” by Paul Daffey & Ian Kenins?
    It contains a great array of footy-themed photos.

  8. Rulebook says

    Peter I love the photos of the game with the cars in the back ground to me that is country footy
    ( Jamestown Guernsey v similar to Ad Unu FC )

  9. Dave Brown says

    Great photos and it is a lovely footy ground (had a stickybeak during Easter). Despite having a relatively new scoreboard they still have all the old numbers in the little attached shed.

  10. Daniel Flesch says

    Photo no. 8 looks like a choreographed “contemporary dance ” move. Congrats to the snapper for perfect timing.

  11. Good tip Smokie. Thanks for that.

  12. James Lang says

    Plenty of wool growers on show at Wirrabara on Saturday. A cold, overcast, damp winter’s day in the Flinders Ranges. Thanks to Peter for not putting up a photo of the boundary umpire, much appreciated.

    The feature photo #8 is of local Shearer and Wool Grower Dan Porter (who’s property neighbours the Bundaleer Forrest) in the Jamestown/Peterborough Magpies jumper. He did a top job shearing some ewes for my brother recently.

    Our man with the thumbs up is local Bush Bradman Brett “Beetle” Murdock, legend of the Wirrabara/Murraytown Cricket Club and the Rocky River Cricket Association at the annual Country Cricket Carnival in Adelaide. In winter you’ll find him coaching Junior Footy, umpiring A Grade matches and supporting some black, teal and white coloured football team.

    The Magpies defender in picture 10 is local wool/grain grower and Toyota mechanic David McCarthy. His family used to neighbour former Jamestown based shearer, turned 5 time Logie award winner, turned inaugural Brisbane Bears President Paul Cronin.

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