Almanac People: Rubbing shoulders with Ange in Greece

By Colin Abbott


Ang Christou in Greece

Ang Christou in Greece


You just never know who you will run into on your travels. Heather meeting former Carlton football legend Ange Christou and wife Tania in Psirri, Athens.


Ange and Tania are on a delayed honeymoon. Friends Di and Bob had come from Armenia via Moscow last night. The Armenian Cathedral in Athens is just round the corner from our apartment! We are staying the old Jewish part of the city. Great location to enjoy and discover the history of Athens.
Tomorrow the Acropolis and the Parthenon and the Museum.




  1. Awesome.

    Coffee from Mil Hanna at Fitz on the weekend.

    It’s a blue spring!

  2. bob.speechley says

    He lives over my back fence – I see him in West Brunswick regularly!

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