Almanac People – Greg Turbill: Turbs aka Tubby aka Mr Courageous

(Turbs’ player highlights are BRILLIANT – a must watch for Norwood supporters and footy lovers in general)

Greg Turbill spent his early years living in Mount Gambier and moved up to Adelaide, attending Norwood High and living at the Norwood F.C. boarding house – the famous Carmel Court (if only those walls could talk) with John Wynne, Glen Rosser, Neil Button, Rodney Seekamp, Phil Carman, Gary Menzel, Neil Craig, the late great Jim Thiel, Michael Taylor and many others. It really was an amazing school of talent

The players lived effectively breathing and eating footy. It was the college of knowledge – John Wynne was, in reality, the head prefect and, being older, the mentor for so many. Incredibly that 28 was a non drinker didn’t stop him from educating though.

Tubby, right from his debut, showed he was pretty special. As Max Hall said “he’s a young ‘un but a good ‘un”. Greg and Neil Craig were a youthful but brilliantly effective roving pair in the Redlegs’ ’75 premiership side. Turbs kicked 39 goals in ’75 including six sausage rolls in the Preliminary Final winning the Seiko watch award (great memories).

In the first game of ’76 Turbs hurt his knee, doing cartilage damage back then there really wasn’t much knowledge whatsoever in treating knee injuries. In so many ways it really was guess work. Turbs missed the ’76 and ’77 seasons. With time ticking away in ’78, which was Norwood’s centenary season (which the club had invested heavily trying to win the flag with several high profile recruits in Wayne Phillis, Brian Adamson and Mike Nunan) in a last desperate measure Greg, accompanied by Norwood president Rex Wilson, went to the Philippines to see a faith healer. Rex said this was truly a incredible thing to witness with chickens involved. Turbs isn’t really sure if it helped in a physical sense but it did mentally.

A couple of reserves games and Tubby was back! In the Preliminary Final, Norwood defeated Port but Turbs had sat on the bench the whole game. While he was happy we had won he wasn’t overly rapt with how his lack of involvement in the game had panned out. Driving from Footy Park in Rex Wilson’s brand new skyline he is rear ended turning the corner. Out gets the driver and it’s none other than Port and future Collingwood coach John Cahill! Jack says to Turbs “geez, I’m having a terrible day”. Turbs goes “mine’s only marginally better”. Turbs is terrified about telling
Rex – no need it’s on the Channel 9 news before he arrived at the Redlegs club!

Turbs’ performance and huge part in winning the ’78 flag, kicking two goals in the last quarter, and really very much on one leg was extraordinary. The ‘legs bolted in by a point, with the amazing scoreline Norwood 16.15 111 to Sturt 14.26 110. Ahh, the magnificent decision by Des Foster to pay Phil Gallagher a mark in the last few minutes brings a smile to a Redlegs supporter and despair to Double Blues fans!

Turbs collected a stray elbow from Paul Bagshaw in the last quarter and bled profusely from his chin. Nowadays, he would have had to go off re. the blood rule. Turbs was inspirational and, ironically, after catching up with Turbs I ran in to Danny Jenkins and chatting he said the hairs on the back of his neck still stand up thinking about Turbs’ extraordinary balance and goal in the last quarter (describes it perfectly and good luck Danny!)

Turbs had a knee reconstruction after the ’78 season then missed ’79. He managed to get back to playing in Darwin and was thinking about giving SANFL footy away and playing in Brisbane. The doyen of administrators, Wally Miller, went up to watch and was convinced Turbs had plenty more to offer. In discussions with new coach Neil Balme it was agreed Greg would have a crack and if it didn’t work would receive a automatic clearance to Southport F.C.

Turbs subsequently had a good 1980 season and played a major part in Norwood making the Grand Final from the Elimination Final and so nearly pinching the flag from Port Adelaide. Turbs was good in ’81, the bloody wind change at quarter time effectively giving the Prelim Final to Glenelg ended our year.

The 1982 season was Tubby’s crowning glory as acting captain, following Phil Gallagher’s injuries, Greg won the Best and Fairest and captained the premiership side playing Glenelg. I was actually really relaxed before the game thinking we would win by over 10 goals which we duly did. Greg yet again displayed an incredible ability to play and perform while carrying injuries, playing with broken ribs and a torn ligament in a finger. Turbs holding the Thomas Seymour Hill cup up with Jim Thiel is a poignant moment in so many ways for the Redlegs faithful.

Greg was very good, especially at the start of ’83, until a hip injury and more knee dramas forced him in to premature retirement from SANFL footy. Turbs continued to play footy in Darwin for Nightcliff, played in a Premiership side in Mildura with good mate ex-West Torrens player Curly Manouge in ’84. He coached Moonta in ’85 and ’86, coached Hay in NSW and played for Wagga Wagga in the Riverina league.

Greg’s major influences on his career, like so many others, were the godfather of the NFC John Wynne, Bob Hammond our coach re. the ’75 and ’78 flags, and Neil Balme. Neil’s ability to listen and communicate is second to none. Greg is indebted (and so are the NFC) to Eric and Maureen Bowels for their, in reality, parental support of Turbs. Greg’s and Norwood’s thank yous somehow just aren’t enough.

In every possible way the Bowels help and guidance of Turbs has been ENORMOUS THANK YOU! Trudy and Mark, I reckon, think of Turbs as a big brother also. Turbs also wishes to thank the Norwood F.C. foundation which helps players in need and payed for Turbs’ hip replacement, the gentlemen know who you are – again THANK YOU!

In the Week of the Volunteer being acknowledged, Norwood Football Club say thank you to Maureen and Eric Bowels and the Bowels family

I can’t remember what year but I was helping at a function in the blue room before a game. There is a knock on the door – I open it and Fos Williams says to me “can you pass it on? Greg Turbill is the gutsiest player I have ever seen.” Before I had a chance to say anything (yes, unusual for me) Fos had walked off.

Turbs was an incredible strong mark for a rover overhead (I really can’t think of a better one, comparable with Leigh Mathews and John Platten), was ridiculously and, yes, stupidly gutsy. He just had no fear and put his body on the line at all times. As Macca said at the hall of fame it’s only injury which stops Turbs from being elevated to legend status. In his 10 year, 128 game career, Tubby probably only played 25 of them not carrying a significant injury. He truly was an incredible warrior for the Norwood F.C. and holds a special place in every Redlegs supporter’s heart.

Greg, like many of us, despairs re. the modern game at times where it has got to complicated for its own good. He thinks, like a lot of us, there is still a place for the gun full forward like a Lockett or Dunstall and then rove off. Also the old keep it simple stupid as for some of the rule changes re. the sliding rule against Daniel Talia where has footy common sense gone?

Love any and every one to share the article – Turbs is unique.


  1. Angela Rawson says

    Great read Malcolm. Plenty of new info there I didn’t know about Turbs. Watching those highlights reminded me of how incredible he was. The man had no fear at all.

  2. Manny Koufalakis says

    Loved watching Turbs play, tough as nails.
    I remember when he retired and thinking we wouldnt see such as gutsy player again, and then came Macca.
    Such a pity we didnt have the medical advances of today, Tubby and Barry Robran would have gone on for a few more seasons.
    I still automatically think Turbill when a player wears the Norwood 17 jumper.

    Thanks for the memories Greg.

  3. Campbell says

    Another great article and learned some very interesting facts. Watching some of that highlight reel is fantastic too, obviously really gutsy and willing to put his body on the line.

  4. A great read on a man whose determination, talent and guts are second to none. Watching some of his highlights he is not only courageous but displays great poise and skill too. His perseverance reminds me of former Carlton player Luke O’Sullivan, but unlike Luke, it’s amazing that a 128-game player is talked so fondly that he borders on legend status. Well done Greg and great work, Rulebook!

  5. Geoff Reynolds says

    Very nice article Malcolm, I can see why Greg Turbill was so highly regarded & totally respected both @ Norwood & within the wider footy community – so gutsy & skilled. Missed a lot of these years live but enjoyed the video with top commentators May, Aitken, Day, Hall, Marker, Richards & Skilton. In addition to Greg’s exceptional all round football skills, so many other highlights;- a waving G Cornes manning the mark (many supporters would say some of his best work here – ha! a joke), a brace of Aishsss (one helmet adorned), a smooth ‘Rocky’ Roberts* (conflicted as an Eagles supporter & not helmet adorned), a young very blonde Rick Neagle (must have been a female fan fav……….then!), Blyth & Auburn connected No 4 Ivan Eckermann (played with his bro ‘Baldy’), 28 doing his thing between Red Legs Club gigs, so many swinging elbows & forearms & some of the best attacking attractive positional hard footy & what about Umpire Mead (I think?) getting in between & aggressively manhandling players to separate or remonstrate individually – ah different times & when I field umped in the late 80’s, it was the norm to break up brawls! *admire Rocky’s late body block on his opponent to provide protection to Turbs gutsy mark against the flow – as good as any stat!

  6. Michael Rehn says

    Of all of the highlights produced by this great man that I was fortunate enough to see, sadly in many ways my most enduring memory is that opening round of the 1976 season, in a game where we gave North Adelaide a fair belting at the Parade end of our home patch, when former team mate Greg Schlein fell awkwardly across “Tubby’s” leg irrepairably damaging that knee. Truly, he was that good….throw an accolade at Greg Turbill and there would be an example in his career. Despite a crippling knee injury he was still able to Captain a Premiership team, win club Best and Fairests, and poll plenty of Magarey Medal votes. i am glad I had the good fortune to see this man in action, and believe me if you weren’t lucky enough to see him play, and anyone tells you how good he was, believe them, it’s true !!!

  7. He was the first number on my duffel coat Rulebook. Still a hero to me. I always loved the guernsey number connection between Turbs and Scotty Burns at Collingwood as they were both hard as nails and one very much reminded me of the other…. but I think I might be alone in that sentiment on this page ;-)
    Thanks for the share yet again.

  8. Dave Brown says

    Yep, good stuff. Sadly Turbs had left the club by the time I hit SA, so I missed his career. But if Fos Williams was a fan of a Norwood player, that’s a more than reasonable testament. He also is part of that great Norwood tradition of stand-in captains leading the club to a premiership – Zorzi and Harvey come to mind as members of that club. The foundation is also really important to the club. At all footy clubs we preach (or should) the value of taking care of your mates – the foundation is doing just that after the boots have come off.

  9. Jeff Milton says

    Would not have won the 78 GF without him. I had forgotten how little footy he had played leading into that game. As you say in your article in 1980 (Balme’s first year as coach) he was a huge factor in Norwood rising from 7th or 8th for a lot of the season to being within a kick of the lead going into time on of the last quarter of the Grand Final. If they had won that he would have played in 4 premierships. As it was, what a remarkable effort to play in 3 Premierships, with the leg injuries that he had to overcome. Norwood’s premiership years in that period were 75,78, 82 and so close in 80 (4 of the years that Turbill was able to overcome injuries and play a significant role). As courageous as anyone to ever play the game and his kicking skills under pressure were exceptional. Obviously loved the game as he kept playing wherever he could when his legs were no longer up to SANFL standard.

  10. Schmaaly says

    Great highlights and again good read Mal was a pleasure to play with Cpt. Courageous. How good was the bump on Leslie!

  11. Bill Drodge says

    Another good article Malcolm.

    My memory doesn’t stretch back to Turb’s early years. The ’76 game v North you refer to, was probably my first at the Parade. I remember the big crowd, the thrashing Norwood handed out, but not much else!

    So yes, from ’80 onwards, I remember him being courageous, but as a proppy (one good leg), dodgy, nippy little rover, who always bobbed up to kick a goal when needed!

    He did seem to move a lot better in ’82 playing in a pretty good team that year.

  12. Rocket Singers says

    Good work Rulebook on your piece on Tubby.

    However, no such footy team as Wagga Wagga, that’s the name of the place…

    Tubby played with Wagga Tigers in the Riverina league, and then went out to coach Ardelthan in the Farrer league. Left his mark both on and off the field.

  13. Coaached me in the Norwood U14’s was close to one of my favorite players and a great guy as a coach, loved those days

  14. Frank Bria says

    Book he was my first Norwood hero and I wanted to be the same sort of player as him, to then be lucky enough to train with him and be in his presence (along with 2-8, Kingo, Macca, Aishy etc etc) was beyond my wildest dreams!

  15. David Butler says

    Like several of your other commentators I had forgotten just how good Turbs was. Absolutely ridiculous courage. Fantastic film footage .
    What great days.

  16. Scott Brownrigg says

    First Norwood jumper (aged 8), first number: 17. I think I lived in it. I have brilliant memories watching games at Norwood Oval with my Dad, and strangely enough (maybe not? :) ) many include hearing Turbs’ voice motivating teammates, as well as giving lip to opposing players.

  17. Rohan Helyar says

    Your best one yet Malcolm. Tubby is a great bloke. First met him in Darwin where we played together at Nightcliff when I was 16. He really looked after me and helped me when I came down from Darwin. He put me up in his various places and tought me a lot about how to survive in Adelaide. Respect him forever

  18. Rick Neagle says

    An easy call – the most courageous player of all time. Having known and played with Tubby, i had the privilege to see first hand how much courage he possessed. There wasnt a single player from any other side, who could match him at that level. He would put his body where no-one would dare to go!

  19. Luke Reynolds says

    Wonderful tribute Malcolm, a player I knew very little about. What a fascinating career.
    Look forward to your Norwood tributes being collected in a book one day!

  20. River boy says

    Great read mal.
    I look forward to reading more articles like these mate

  21. Great watching the old footage. Thanks for the share Rulebook

  22. Dwayne Fuller says

    I dare say it won’t be long before Turbs is elevated to Legend status, to me he was a legend a long time ago another of my personal favorites from a great era at NFC as a kid I was in awe of what he did on the footy ground I think to overcome injuries to a certain extent it was amazing what he achieved. Another very enjoyable read cheers Malcolm

  23. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Angela thank you and yep def no fear.Manny likewise re knees I think of Robran and Turbs if only re medical knowledge then as it is now.Campbell v much so.Paul well said and fair analogy re O Sullivan
    thank you.Geoff likewise re umpiring broke up plenty of brawls pretty forcefully over the years love your comment in general.Michsel 1 million per cent correct as Macca said only injury stopped,Turbs from being promoted to legend status a amazing ability to play with pain.Cheno I reckon Scotty Burns is a good comparison re physicality,Scott would be the 1st to admit he didn’t have the brilliance of Turbs.
    Dave yes when Fos said it to me I was taken back just for a sec and he was off good get re stand in captains and yes the foundation is fantastic.Milts Turbs and 28 getting on the ground in 78 let alone performing is incredible and yes it is no coincidence what so ever,Turbs years on the ground coincided with red legs success and yes a elite kick,Tubby loves the game and is v astute as well thanks folks

  24. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Schmally they are incredible highlights ahh yes the Leslie bump it happened pretty close to where we were sitting it was a interesting discussion with Port supporters
    I admit I reckon Turbs would get a holiday for that now days.Bill Turbs arguably had the most impact of any kid we had incredible that we had a pair of teenage rovers in the 75
    Premiership team in a era when the SANFl was v v strong,Turbs 6 goals in 75 Prelim was the difference no doubt what so ever Turbs would have been a gun in the vfl and yes 82 was the year where he managed to get some continuity in to his footy did move a fraction better and was a more than worthy b and f winner in a very good Premiership side.
    Rocket thanks for that greatly appreciated.Coke and Frank I reckon Turbs had a lot more influence on your group than he realised a very good teacher,Turbs re footy.
    David it’s the strength overhead marking and the insane courage which stand out and yes a great reminder how bloody good,Turbs was.Scott love it and yes Turbs was instructional and commanding by voice and didn’t mind the odd bit of lip re the opposition.
    Rohan thanks for the personal insight a fair bit of loyalty in Turbs re Territorians I reckon
    a good teacher in a number of ways ( have enjoyed all your photos of your recent os holiday) Neags you nailed it,Turbs put his body where no one else did I think we used to just shake our head in disbelief at times as I have said above ridiculous insane courage glad the highlights show his immense skill as well thanks re the box in the last q on Friday night also.Luke only you,Dave Brown and others huge amount of help that my articles appear on the site again the most unspoken words of the English language,Thank you.
    Thanks River boy and Raf.Dwayne to think only 30 odd games of Turbs career weren’t in reality affected by v serious injury re what,Turbs achieved in his career is remarkable
    A genuine champion thanks folks

  25. Fantastic player.. NFC Legend.. love the article..

  26. Mark Newell says

    Great read malcolm, as always very entertaining and informative. Best memory of turbs is after a grand final ,blood streaming down his face, someone asks him if it hurts. Response was,. Never hurts when you win

  27. One of the greats in a truly great era

  28. Great job Malcolm. His tenacity, skill and larrikinism (at least as I imagined) meant he was a favourite when I was a boy. More excellent insights as you show us the person behind the player.

  29. Brilliant stuff RB. I still have my old Norwood gurnsey with 17 on the back. “Turbs” was my favourite player during my early teens but it’s only now after watching his highlight reel that I realise how tuff he actually was. What a wonderful player.

  30. Jeff sibbick says

    I still remember thinking this kid will win multiple Magarey’s after the first couple of games. But No injury got in the way of that .

  31. Angela Pippos says

    Great piece Malcolm. It brought back so many memories of watching Turbs play. I agree with Manny (who’s my Uncle by the way!) – Macca followed and captivated us with his toughness. Two magnificent Norwood men!

  32. John Allen says

    Excellent read Malcolm. What a great player Turbs was and a Norwood man in all aspects.

  33. Steve Wood says

    Great article RB. One of the gutsiest players to have pulled on the gurnsey.
    Shame about the injuries he had to play with.
    A huge part of a great era at the club

  34. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Brenton v much so and thank you.Mark yep after,78 win great memory.Raj well said.thanks,Mickey.Chris yes the highlights are a great reminder how tough and brilliant,Turbs was.Jeff likewise bloody injury.Angela small world re Manny two champions and I don’t use that word lightly.John well said,Steve no doubt about that what so ever,thanks folks

  35. Steve Whelan says

    Great stuff, Rulebook. Loved it . Turbs was one of my favorite players back then. Some great highlights and memories on there.

  36. Tim Ginever says


    I enjoyed the Greg Turbill article, he was a terrific player. I actually got to meet him in Darwin in 2010. I heard he was in the room, I asked if I could be introduced. When we met I said pleased to meet you Greg and he says I’ve always wanted to meet you

    After I stopped laughing I said I was going to say the same. Turbs said he thought I reckon I’d like this fella. I was so impressed we sat and had a few drinks and a big chat. Hope I didn’t disappoint him

  37. Great read as always Malcolm. Sadly I only managed to see Turbs’ last coupla years, but thankfully I can say that I did. I’ll never forget him having a word with me at the old Redlegs Club. I was only 10, but about the same height, and Tubby leans on my shoulder, and with Stubby in hand has a great chinwag that made a diehard Norwood kid’s day!! Growing up listening to my old man talking about the champions of the club over his years (Marriott, Kneebone, Oateys etc), he never once failed to include Turbs among them. I guess as a youngster I didn’t fully appreciate the likes of Tubby, Kingo, Button, Jenkins etc., as we always seemed to have such great players, I just figured thats how it was and we’d always be full of champions. My memories of Turbs was that he had it all (minus a bit of pace perhaps, understandably) – Great hands, dead-eye kick, courage and plenty of mongrel. Ever reliable and always getting stuck into opponents, particularly those gentlemen from the Port. Absolute star and every word of praise he receives is more than justified, a genuine champion of our great club.

  38. Geoff Wilson says

    Great read Malcolm into an incredibly talented footballer. We all know about Greg’s courage, but he was one of the most skillful footballers you could ever have imagined. His performances in finals is legendary.
    The 75 Prelim, 78 GF and the 82 Second Semi are ones that immediately come to mind.
    Greg sits very comfortably among the Norwood Greats and the great leaders.
    Well done Greg.

  39. Brenton Klaebe says

    Love your article Malcolm. My Grandparents, Mum and Dad, Aunties and Uncles were all mad Norwood supporters and Tubby was one of everyone’s favorites. How could he not be.!! For me personally Tubby and John Wynne are the 2 NFC players that I adored as a kid (and Rodney Seekamp) and of course Macca in later years. I met Greg when he was the Coach of the Senior Primary Development Squads (U12) with David Bertelsmeier years ago. Tubby would rock up on a Sunday morning to coach us usually pretty tired from a big night (lol) and he would get me to put the boys in their positions and take the pre-match talks, from there we created a friendship that still exists which is pretty awesome. Great memories and all of us were in awe we were being coached by a NFC LEGEND. Tubby is definitely the most courageous player you’d ever see and had brilliant skills and was amazing in that 1982 GF, pure guts. I’m very proud to say we still talk on the phone and catch up when he’s in SA.

    Great footballer, great person with a beautiful heart that has given lots of us NFC people great memories. Love him!!!!

  40. Martin Rumsby says

    Interesting article, as always, Malcolm. Loved the Fos Williams comment! Greg Turbill is Norwood royalty.

  41. Sam McEwen says

    Great Article Mal. Ran into him after the Centrals game last week. He was in fine form about to head to the Colonist to meet Gary Menzel

  42. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Steve.Timmy G some v justifiable mutual respect.JK memories as a kid meeting our heroes I reckon are some of our fondest ever memories so glad there were the highlights available to emphasize what a champion,Turbs was and he definitely had it all.Geoff yes sensational skills as well as insane courage and brilliant big game player.Klaebes I am smiling picturing those,Sunday morning training sessions one thing which isn’t mentioned is just how astute,Tubby is footy wise as well ( your last 2 lines are succinct perfectly put ) Martin the Fos Williams comment is a fond memory personally and understandably,Turbs is pretty chuffed about and well said re Redlegs royalty.Sam at half time in the mayors parlour past players present are being welcomed,Turbs is at the back of the room and couldn’t hear clearly what was going on when,Turbs is mentioned we all started chanting,Tubby he wondered what in the hell was going on and of course I am yelling out you can read about,Turbs on the footy almanac thanks folks

  43. Ross Dillon says

    Congratulations re your article on Greg Turbill .
    Remember Greg joining the Seniors in 1975 after winning the McCullum Medal .
    Feisty and courageous from the start and loved the physical confrontation .
    We had a coffee on the Parade early that year when I endeavoured to pass on some
    advice I had been given early at Melbourne FC by our Coach Norm Smith .
    Turbs and I related that conversation at the 1978 Reunion .
    Like everyone at Norwood , supporters ,staff and players .. we all loved him ..
    and still do .
    Yes , he was incredibly courageous , went under trucks to get the footy ,
    was very skilful and incredibly loyal .
    I love watching the film you provide and recalling just how good he was .
    I particularly enjoyed the clips of him interacting with Michael Aish , Macca ,
    Keith Thomas and their mates .
    I did not need the film to recall his ( along with all his teammates) bravery in the last quarter of 1978 … it remains imprinted in my mind .
    I regret the terrible injuries Turbs suffered . I know how much better he would have
    been . He was our Leigh Mathews .
    I loved witnessing the contests between Turbs and Rex Voigt of Glenelg ( both
    playing for their lives .)
    Above all , Turbs is a really good man who provided us with many memorable
    times . It was a pleasure for all of us to catch up with him at the ‘ 78 Re union

  44. Malcolm Ashwood says
  45. Paul Harradine says

    I had the incredible fortune of knowing Turbs from the age of 16. I worked at Hughes and Loveday and of course Turbs worked not far away at HTWarhyrst the Adidas agent.We both played under 17’s against each other and Greg reached league level a few years before I did. He was always good for a chat on and off the field and I agree that pound for pound one of the toughest players going around. That he played 128 games is a tragedy because as other people have said he could’ve played in Victoria any time he chose.
    I have one story to tell. South were playing Norwood at Norwood and it was 1/4time. I walked out of our huddle and saw Greg coming out of the Norwood huddle zipping up his shorts.I said stupidly, “what’s going on?” Turns and he said with tha grin on his face, “I don’t know Harry, I think I lost one of my balls!” It was a friendship that I valued greatly and feel badly that I haven’t followed up in the ensuing years.
    There was something about the Norwood boys,I would often find myself on a Saturday night after any game, not just the Parade ones, at a wine bar somewhere near the Parade if not on the Parade itself with Greg, Gage, and Jimmy Thiel having the drink of the day kahlua and milk and just enjoying each others company. It seems like yesterday and I know my life has been made better by knowing Greg Turbill.Cheers Tubby, and you are in my thoughts.

  46. Paul Harradine says

    I was fortunate to know turns from about 16.I worked at hughesxand loveday and he of course worked for tom warhorse snr the adidas agent. We would see each other a few times a week at his work and both played in the 17/s against each other.Turbs made Norwood’s league side a couple of years before I did at south and he was as tough of a opponent as you would come across but always found me after the siren and with that grin said well played harry.
    I can relate one story and I’m sure he won’t mind.We were playing at the parade and as I came out of our huddle turns was walking towards me concentrating on zipping his shorts up I said what’s up greg and he said deadpan I don’t know harry I think I lost one of my balls.Greg could’ve played in any comp in the land and barring his shocking run with injuries would have played many more than 128 games.Brave as hell,skillful and footy smarts gave him an edge.
    I don’t know what it was about the Norwood boys but quite a few Saturday nights I would find myself at a wine bar if not on the parade then very close to it having the drink of the time kahlua and milk with to name just a couple turns gags and Jimmy Thiel(rip) and we would talk for hours. There was no egos or bull just players enjoying each others company. It seems like yesterday.Greg Turbill is one of the finest people I have had the pleasure to call my friend even from afar and i wish him nothing but the best.

  47. Paul Harradine says

    Sorry this post doubled up.i didn’t think it went through the first time so I wrote it again typos and all.

  48. Turbs was not only courageous but probably the most exciting rover I have ever seen at Norwood. You name it, he could do it. Burrow into packs, take a screamer, deliver the ball by hand or foot well (no hospitable balls) and look after himself (often in front of the umpey). I would have loved to see him in Norwood’s team of the century but pushing out one of the Oateys would have been nigh on impossible. How he ever made it on the field with all those nasty leg injuries he had is testament to his tremendous courage and love of the game. I’ll never forget his part in the ’78 GF and the “Gift” he received from Paul Bagshaw for his trouble. A moving tribute RB – one I enjoyed immensely

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