Almanac Music: Sunnyboys



We’re 17 or 19, I’m not sure, other than one day we’ll have simply been young.


This girl, Sonja McFrugal, she’s insane, which has everything to do with it. I’m madly in lust with her, and/or heart-struck. Who knows? Going to the Sunnyboys is her idea. I’m in love with her, but she loves the lead singer, Jeremy.


Right now, everybody in the suburbs loves the Sunnyboys, because they are the suburbs, Australian ones. No frills, Oz accent, simple topics. Even the name.


The best damn counter meal of bands.

Jeremy looks just like her, without tits. I mean, dead ringer! Exactly! It’s not my music, not raw or weird enough, but they fire up, and his band are… fucking… just great!


Tunnel of Love rips and spits into Happy Man. I watch her, pushing to the front, laughing as she screams for his attention. Shameless, fun, stupid, brave. Everything I need. I mean, she’s something other, this kid. A runaway from a cold, rich Sydney family, embracing us loose units, our loose lives, but without any of our instincts of preservation. Caution, consequence.


She just laughs, just does. And we run around after her putting out fires.


The band bring it down with Liar, and Show Me Some Discipline, which gives Sonja even more chance to wiggle and clasp at the air between them.


If she gets him, Jeremy, I’ll respectfully be jealous of, I dunno, obsessions satisfied, grateful such things are possible. That they can come true. That… good stories can be told. Him and her fucking themselves! Roll out the clowns, come one come all! I’ll try and find him after, and get every detail.

If it doesn’t happen, my only hope is that Jeremy puts on a killer performance, one for the ages! Gets her so worked up, she’ll fuck a wooden Indian, if she can just imagine his face. I mean, I’m 17 or 19 and she’s, so… fearless. I need her!


My mother and father saw the Beatles about 9 months prior to me being born. ‘Which one am I?’ I think that every time I see a clip of them. George, John? Paul? Ringo? All of them? A group session, just for laughs? Throw in Hendrix and Janus? How many children like me are out there? How many relationships endured with another man’s face, in another man’s name?

How many little humans made by husbands, boyfriends, who closed their eyes and thought of flirting workmates, neighbours, old high school teachers, porn stars? Of kinks, fetishes, obsessions they never lived?

How many men and women managed urges or duty by dreaming of sin?


One song crashes into another. Their hit, Alone With You, takes on whole new possibilities, in this hormone-drenched threesome only 1½ of us are aware of.


Come on, Jeremy! Wiggle those hips, man! Sing! Sing about hurt, about fucking. About being invincible! Put feelinginto it, man! I need Sonja! I need her to save me from sameness, from my thoughts! Be ringing in her ears! I’m barracking for ya! I’m barracking for Sonja McFrugal! For me! I’m barracking for us all!


For Mum and Dad and at least one of the Beatles, and all that screwed-up, under-the-surface shit. I’m 17 or 19 and my date looks just like you and finds it hilarious and doesn’t give a damn.



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  1. Cool stuff Matt.

    I remember seeing the Sunny Boys a few times in the early 80’s across a range of venues including Bombay Rock, the Waterloo Cup, etc. Produced by the Australian guitar legend, Lobby Loyde, named after that wonderful Orange frozen ice, Sunnyboy, they played some damn,good music in their brief period. Sadly Jeremy Oxley got sick, then the band splintered.

    Four decades later, their music finds its way into the pantheon of Australian classics, Jeremy Oxley is doing better, Matt you’re penning for the Almanac: I dare not mention Sonja McFrugal.

    Matt stay a ‘Happy Man’,keep writing on the Almanac site.


  2. Malby Dangles says

    Great band, great story and a fascinating 4th last paragraph that would challenge the most ardent philosophers, psychologists, psychotherapists, and sexologists!!! Love your work

  3. Good yarn, Old Dog.
    I most recently saw the Sunnyboys in February 2020 at the Torquay Hotel.

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I only ever saw them once and it was quite recently, at a Zoo Twilights show, supported by the Painters and Dockers in 2018(?). I’m not sure that my night ended like yours did Old Dog. Peter Oxley still goes ok when I’ve seen him with the Aints!

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