Almanac Music: Mikey – A Pocket of Gold

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A Pocket of Gold


I have a dozen stories about Mikey. If I hung around him more, I’d have thousands. He is music – as I know it.


A modest, exquisitely likeable man, guitarist, song writer. The single most go-to for Australian indi album mixing and producing over the past decade. He’s helped on, what, at least 600 albums.


One day we heard a good song playing. For the life of him, he couldn’t remember if he had produced it, there had been too many. Imagine being part of ever second background sound in a city.


Always in four bands at once, he’s won Arias, Triple J albums of the year, yet disbanded his most popular creations the moment they bored him, to make a ripper electronic CD with a mate that was never going to sell more than 30 copies, whatever. Always exploring.


When I first knew him, I went around to his place in St Kilda. It was one of those big, faded mansions, that Norma Desmond might still have a room in. Now divided into 6 clunky apartments and a communal bathroom with a sixty-cent slot machine shower.


His lounge room was an ode to music. Three walls, floor-to-ceiling vinyl. Oddities, collectables, stuff he just plain dug! Records are heavy, it took a mansion to hold them.


Some musicians go on tour and come back with a wedding ring presented by an Elvis Preacher in Vegas. Others vanish for weeks in the back lanes of New Orleans, some follow fetishes in France, chase love every time they enter Eastern Europe. Mikey, band members told me, would disappear for days at a time, coming back with another box of rare music, happy.


The fourth wall in his lounge had a tv, buried in music DVDs and VHSs of concerts, all framed by a few of his loitering, waiting guitars.


His bedroom was a poor man’s recording studio, the bed a foam mattress at the feet of a set of keyboards.


One time I asked him what his ambition was? He replied; “Nah, man. I always thought I’d just work in a shop somewhere. I’ve already exceeded any expectations.”


Imagine that. Every day, every, a glorious bonus!


I had brought takeaway, so went into the kitchen looking for cutlery.


Each nook, ledge, cranny had an old radio on it, tour posters, guitar tuners on the table.


I opened the door beneath the sink. There they were. Knives, forks, and where the spoons were meant to go, old cassette tapes.


“You’re the real deal,” I crooned.


Mikey just gave a goofy, almost embarrassed smile, as he warmed up his turntable with the first of countless pockets of gold.




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    Great piece, Matt. I’m really digging the music articles

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