Almanac Music: Michael Waugh sings Maffra Under 10s

Local singer songwriter Michael Waugh has recorded a great footy song about the Maffra Under 10s.


Michael says: ”Maffra Under 10s’ is a tribute to the big dreams that run out onto Country Football ovals every weekend during the AFL football season. It is written about my nephew, Ostin, who features as the harmonica playing #17 in this clip. I wrote the song after I saw a footy match where Ostin and his team, Sale Catholic College, played a match against local rivals, Maffra Under 10s, in four of the most hilarious quarters of football that I’d ever seen.


At the end of the match, Ostin seemed dejected. I asked what was wrong and he said ‘I’ve kicked the winning point.’ I replied, ‘but that’s a good thing’. He said, ‘No. I kicked it for the opposition.’





You can discover more about Michael Waugh and his debut Album “What We Might Be” on his website:

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