Almanac Music: Jools Holland and Dr John – The Boogie Woogie Twins

What better way to get your day rolling and your  toes tapping  than this fantastic ‘boogie woogie’ piano duet featuring Jools Holland and Dr John.




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  1. Kevin Densley says

    This is fabulous stuff (Col – I presume)!

    It’s interesting and exciting to hear two wonderful pianists strutting their boogie-woogie stuff, and note the contrasting performance styles (in a visual sense, at any rate) – Holland being more exuberantly “out there”, while Dr John is more self-contained.

    I suppose you’ve seen Jools Holland’s brilliant BBC show, “Later … with Jools Holland”, which has been running since 1992! It is a sign of how much respect he has from other musicians when people as different as Bjork and Tom Jones have performed live on the show. Holland, himself, was one of the original members of that fine band, UK Squeeze, too, as you may know.

  2. Colin Ritchie says

    Yes KD, it is fab piano playing, two players at the top of their form! And someone is playing this style most nights in any of the many clubs in New Orleans. It is a thrill to hear, and watch, players of this calibre.

  3. Thanks, Col.
    I saw this recently (on Facebook, maybe) and was a little surprised at how easily Jools did that.
    “Cool for cats” is one of my favourite albums of the punk/new wave era.

  4. Love Dr John.

    My favourite Jools/Squeeze story (which I’m sure I’ve mentioned here previously) comes from the great UK show Nevermind the Buzzcocks on which the panel discussed the unusual objects fans throw onto the stage at rock concerts during particular songs and one guest cited the famous ritual of chucking dozens of toothbrushes at the band UK Squeeze as they play the fabulous “Tempted” (I bought a toothbrush, some toothpaste /A flannel for my face /Pyjamas, a hairbrush /New shoes and a case /I said to my reflection/ Let’s get out of this place). The host Mark Lamarr suggested, “Yes, I like that. The crowd heaving stuff at the singer based on what they’re singing. I’m currently writing a song for Britney called ‘Anvils, Lions, Tigers and Shit.’

    Enjoy these weekly musical excursions, Col.

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