Almanac Music – Blinded by the List: a Springsteen game for the whole family!



    1. Blinded by the Light
    2. The E Street Shuffle
    3. Thunder Road
    4. Badlands
    5. The Ties that Bind
    6. Nebraska
    7. Born in the USA
    8. Ain’t Got You
    9. Human Touch
    10. Better Days
    11. The Ghost of Tom Joad
    12. Lonesome Day
    13. Devils & Dust
    14. Old Dan Tucker
    15. Radio Nowhere
    16. Outlaw Pete
    17. We Take Care of our Own
    18. High Hopes


For those who have no interest in the gee-gees and footy season seems like its eons away here’s a game to get you through. Listed above is the first song of every studio album Bruce Springsteen has released. The list is chronological. Your job is, well one of the following.


Order the songs from best to least, from the best song in the list to either Outlaw Pete or Lonesome Day.




List top 5 songs and least 5 songs.




Set the songs out as if they’re a football team. Which song would line up at Centre-half forward? Which song is full back? Which song is lucky there’s only 18 to choose from or they’d be on the bench!


I’m going to go for the first option. (Feel free to explain your choices).


Good luck.


My list, from best to nuh:


Badlands, Thunder Road, Born in the USA, The Ghost of Tom Joad, Blinded by the Light, Nebraska, Human Touch, The E Street Shuffle, Devils & Dust, Old Dan Tucker, Ain’t Got You, The Ties that Bind, We Take Care of our Own, Better Days, Radio Nowhere, High Hopes, Outlaw Pete, Lonesome Day


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  1. Ok, Trucker, I’ll play!

    My top 5 from this list:
    1. The Ties That Bind
    2. Thunder Road
    3. Nebraska
    4. Badlands
    5. The Ghost of Tom Joad

    My least 5 from this list:
    1. Old Dan Tucker
    2. Outlaw Pete
    3. Radio Nowhere
    4. High hopes
    5. Better days

  2. The Wild:
    Thunder Road (the Avenging Eagle’s dress waves – sigh), Badlands, The Ties that Bind, Lonesome Day, Ghost of Tom Joad
    The Innocent:
    Better Days, Ain’t Got You, Radio Nowhere, E Street Shuffle, Blinded by the Light, Human Touch, We Take Care of Our Own (great in concert with his marching band)
    E Street Shuffle Offs:
    Outlaw Pete (despite the name – the worst song he ever recorded – was he taking the piss?), Born in the USA (I love the acoustic version but the triumphalism of the Reagan era chorus – I know, I know – the lyrics are an ironic protest – always turns me off – worst track on my favourite Bruce album), Old Dan Tucker (the faux Irish jig and the rhyming slang lyrics always get to me), Nebraska (sorry fans I never got into the album – didn’t need Bruce encouraging me to slash my wrists), Devils and Dust (another gormless downer), High Hopes (I just have Fire Would on constant repeat from that album)

  3. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Creative concept, Slim. Don’t know enough about Bruce to find an entire side, but I’d have High Hopes at Full Forward, Badlands in the Centre, Thunder Road on the Wing and Radio Nowhere in the Forward Pocket.
    No room for Trapped ? Surely in the best 22 ?

  4. Peter Crossing says

    Well, here you go, Trucker
    My best from this list
    1. Thunder Road (one of the great opening lines in contemporary music)
    2. The E Street Shuffle
    3. The Ghost of Tom Joad
    4. Nebraska
    5. Badlands
    6. Ain’t Got You
    7. Old Dan Tucker

    If you list the Track 4’s from every album then Wild Billy’s Circus Years is a shoo in.

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Top 5

    1.Thunder Road
    2. Human Touch
    3. The Ghost of Tom Joad
    4. The Ties That Bind
    5. Badlands

    Bottom 5

    1.Outlaw Pete
    2. Devils & Dust
    3. Old Dan Tucker
    4. Radio Nowhere
    5. Lonesome Day

    I’ve got Human Touch higher than most probably would, but while I was aware of The Boss and some of his songs, Human Touch made me a fan (I was around 12-13 when it was released), so it holds a special place in my heart.

  6. What, no I’m a Rocker ! Where’s The River? I can’t find Independence Day !

    OK, let me work with what we’ve got.

    1/ The Ties That Bind
    2/ Born In The USA
    3/Blinded By The Light
    4/The Ghost Of Tom Joad
    5/Thunder Road


  7. DBalassone says

    I am not in the know re Bruce, so can’t really comment Rick, though love the originality of the challenge. But I will throw this question at you: Did Knopfler rip off the piano riff to Jungleland in Romeo and Juliet or what? Note for note.

  8. Chris O'Connor says

    Top 5
    Born in the USA
    Human Touch

    Really only like two Bruce albums -Born to Run and Darkness on the Edge of Town

  9. george smith says

    I wish I were Blind (from Human Touch)

    Blinded by the Light ( Asbury Park)

    Dancing in the Dark ( Born in the USA)

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