Almanac Local Footy: Calling all Uni of Queensland Red Lions past players


Drunk last night,

Drunk the night before;

We’re gunna get drunk tonight.

Like we’ve never got drunk before!


So goes the opening stanza of one of the more unique Footy club songs, usually heard when the team has had a win.  Uni of Qld – Red Lions club is where you can hear this raucous tune on a given Saturday afternoon when AFLQ is in season. Here is a link to the full song:                                                       :

The Uni Qld club is thriving and this 2017 season will field a First Grade and Reserves team in the QFA Div 1 competition; coming up against teams from the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and some of the traditionally strong Brisbane Community sides. There will be a stand alone men’s team in the QFA Div 4 competition also. The Uni club is also a leader in the AFL women’s game. No fewer than four Uni players are on the Brisbane Lions list for the current inaugural AFLW competition. UQW _ Red Lions field two teams in the local competition, one team in the Elite league and another in a lower division. There is also a Colts team, which is a joint effort between Wests and UQ, playing in the Div 1 of the Colts competition.

The club is building a data base of past players and supporters going back to the clubs inaugural year, 1956. More so than most clubs, the former players are spread throughout Australia and many are following their profession overseas. Prior to Western Australia having its own Veterinary Science course many of the aspirant Vets would enrol at UQ to do their course.  The UQ club benefitted greatly from this arrangement and won a number of premierships in the early years with the assistance of the WA “recruits”.

Any former UQ players and/or supporters who would like to receive a club newsletter and regain contact with the club of their fond (lost) memories are invited to send an email to: [email protected] and we will add you to the group email we send out.

Those who would like to play a season or two in the winter sunshine are invited to contact: [email protected]

As mentioned above we cater for a diversity of footy skills from the enthusiastic school leaver to the more senior members  like “creaky bones” or “old man” who both pulled the boots on for many a year.


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  1. You’re right Tom that footy song is unique.
    But its not unique to UQ.
    There are quite a number of uni footy clubs that sing this tune
    Ex Melb Uni player and Sports Union head mark Lockie explains why in a comment.

    Best of luck to the Red Lions for this season!

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