Almanac Life: Which one are you?


In a recent social media post, Almanac contributor ‘John from the Barossa’ declared his partiality to, inter alia, Cadbury Snack.


Nothing wrong with that mind you. Love ‘em myself I do.


But I then wondered why Cadbury Snack as opposed to Cadbury Roses. I mean, same manufacturer, same assorted flavours, same negative analysis from the ‘Ooh don’t you dare eat that’ health food nuts. Yeah but why one, not the other?


Lots of think time in lockdown, you see.


Matter of fact, the latest COVID lockdown sees Geelong West Woolworths become my most unlikely but warmly comforting location where, strangely enough, I reconnect with my spirituality. Lockdown will do that to you.


Standing at the northern end of the freezer aisle in no particular hurry, I take the time to observe my fellow shoppers. And I feel reassuringly at one with our shared humanity.


Similarly if you like to Piers Plowman’s ‘field full of folk’ back in the 14th century. Plenty of other more recent similarities today as well – Fairhaven beach in January, Warrnambool races in May, Kardinia Park in Winter and Myer Christmas windows with the next wide eyed generation of kids in December. But for right here right now, you better believe it, Woolies Geelong West during lockdown does it!


It is this precise moment though that the answer to the Snack/Roses dichotomy suddenly hits me like a sledgehammer. Underpinning the whole emotional structure that silently holds society together more broadly, there is an invisible Snack/Roses fault line which goes way beyond chocolates.


Subliminally there is divide across our fellow brothers and sisters that, despite all our similarities, marks out our quirky differences. Moreover it goes much further than just a dog person/cat person, tea person/coffee person difference.


Think about the sample list of 39 matters below for a moment. Sure, they are illustrative and selective but far from exhaustive. Indeed, readers may well wish to add others of their own inspiration.


BUT, as my title asks, it all begs the question…which one are you?



Roses                                                  Snack


Violet Crumbles                                Kit Kats

Drumsticks                                         Cornettos

Roast of the day                                Chicken parmy

Korma                                                 Vindaloo


Hungry Jacks                                    McDonalds

Romans                                              Corinthians

Beethoven                                          Bach

Beatles                                                Rolling Stones

Split Enz                                             Midnight Oil

War and Peace                                  Ulysses


King Lear                                           Hamlet

North by North West                       Rear Window

The Simpsons                                    Futurama

Jetsons                                                Flintstones

Mary Ann                                           Ginger

FDR                                                     JFK

Reagan                                                Gorbachev

Merkel                                                Thatcher

Hawke                                                Howard


Cain                                                     Bolte


Dunstan                                              Playford          (That one was just for your benefit Mickey.)

Ablett                                                  Carey

Farmer                                               Nicholls

Smith                                                  Ponting

Barty                                                   Cawley

Laver                                                   Hoad

Thomson                                            Norman

Freeman                                             Boyle

Pharlap                                               Makybe Diva

Caulfield                                             Moonee Valley      (Headquarters is beyond grubby comparisons.)

Blainey                                               Clark

Roberts                                               McGubbin

Samuel Griffith                                 Owen Dixon

Squatter                                              Monopoly


500                                                      Poker

Combine harvester                           Stump jump plough

Fords                                                   Holdens

Darren Milburn                                John Buchan



So there it is folks. Curious readers may wish to note your author’s preference in all above cases is the one first mentioned – some by a country mile but others much more marginally. Such is the nature of these things.


If nothing else, the samples of the Snack and Roses chocolates required for the photos herein in this piece of thoroughly self indulgent whimsy produced a predictable draw at Chez Lowrey.


‘Dunno dad. Get some more and I’ll get back to you.’





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About Roger Lowrey

Roger Lowrey is a Geelong based writer who lists his special interests as reading, writing, horse racing, Roman history and AEC electoral boundaries. Some of his friends think he is a little eccentric.


  1. Violet Crumble man myself. Through and through.

    Cheers Roger. Great lists here. Can the answer sometimes be “depends”? Can I be a list jumper? Some might call it contrariness.

  2. RDL- I remain undecided about many issues but I’m firm on this: Turkish delight is hugely overrated wherever it’s found.

  3. Hate Turkish Delight myself, always dreaded being stuck with one when the box was passed around. Oh, and why do Roses not taste anything resembling what they did when I were a lass? ( you could’ve titled this mental exercise ‘On the one hand’…’ but then again, people might call you rude names) .

  4. Daryl Schramm says

    Sehwag Tendulkar
    Anni-Frid Agnetha
    Turkish Delight bought and eaten in Istanbul is divine. Always hated the stuff here and wondered why it existed before then.

  5. Howard or Hawke does one of Snack or Roses a mighty disservice.

    And where was the Handley or Mensch comparison?

  6. Actually that’s unfair. I was a Mensch sympathiser. (Remember that game when he beat North on his own, sent into the ruck when six goals down?)

  7. Roger Lowrey says

    Thanks for comments all.

    This is the beautiful thing about these Almanac posts isn’t it? You just never know where they are going to take off. Turkish delights eh? Who would have thunk it? I never liked them myself either but I am mindful of your Istanbul experience Daryl. And yes Dips, I’m with you on the Violet Crumbles.

    As for you JTH, Menschy is still a G Town boy. I see him at the Petrel from time to time. Yes I neglected to do the Handley/Mensch bit because my attempted theme in this current turgid piece was wistful existentialism. Think here Jimmy Buffet’s “Come Monday”.

    For all Menschy’s strengths and weaknesses, ” wistful existentialism” doesn’t bother the scorer in either column as it happens.


  8. Kevin Densley says

    Nicely done, RDL!

    And as for part of Daryl Schramm’s response, ‘Anni-Frid or Agnetha’, this gets to the profound core of the matter – of course, the answer is … oh, both!

  9. My mind is clear but I recall Sherbet v Skyhooks being a big issue. And what of Shiraz v Cabernet Sauvignon? DK Lillee v Thommo? And let’s not forget: plain salt v chicken salt as a choice that reveals much about depth of character and a predictor of future happiness. The longitudinal studies will soon be in on this.

  10. Roger Lowrey says

    Thanks Mickey and Kevin.

    When putting this together, most of the examples I used came to me while I was walking the dog. It’s a great pastime if you want to give your brain some clear air think time.

    I strongly anticipated that readers would come up with more couples, so I was therefore delighted to see the other suggestions referred to both by yourselves and other FA contributors above.

    And just for the record, my preferences in all above couples are as follows: Tendulkar, Agnetha, Mensch, Sherbert, shiraz, DK Lillee and plain salt.

    Thanks again everyone.


  11. An impressive list, RDL.

  12. British or American comedy.
    Hawke or Keating.
    Crumbed or fresh prawns.
    Fried or steamed dim sims.
    Cans or stubbies.
    Terry towelling or canvas sun hats.
    Y fronts or jocks.
    Broadsheet or tabloid.
    Sandals or thongs.
    Specs or contacts.

  13. Roger Lowrey says

    Thanks for the latest comments.

    I take this opportunity of drawing everyone’s attention to a post from Swish on 2 March 2014 titled “Little decisions are the kind I can make.”

    There are many further quinellas therein.


  14. Roger Lowrey says

    I should have added to the previous reference that there is a further lengthy list of quinellas from Burkie in the comments section following Swish’s above post.


  15. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Jigsaw or Wordsearch
    Dan or Gladys
    Spag bol or Toasties
    Zoom or Teams
    Lock down or Let it rip

  16. Luke Reynolds says

    I can get around most of your preferences Roger. But not Smith over Ponting and definitely not Korma over Vindaloo.

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