Almanac Life – Was that an earthquake just now?


2021 has been the year that has so far taken expectations and thrown them bodily from the establishment.


As if the city of Melbourne hasn’t had enough to deal with already, the earth shook, mid-morning, on Wednesday. Preliminary measurements have reported the tremor at near a magnitude of 6.0. Updates are continuous.


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  1. Paddy Grindlay says

    House shaking in Seddon. Some pretty scary-looking damage in Chapel Street.

  2. God has spoken. The Grand Final belongs in Perth.

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Saw one bloke online say that he felt it in Doreen. Hope she’s ok.

  4. Yes here @ work in Footscray we felt it. The warden evacuated the staff on the first floor to the assembly point, awaiting instructions. After 10 minutes we returned inside.

    The warden then checked how to respond to an earthquake/tremor. I now realised we shouldn’t have left the building, best to get under tables, away from windows, glass etc.

    I’ll know next earthquake.


  5. Walking to work on Waymouth Street here in Adelaide I passed dozens of people going the other way. Yes, evacuated because of the earthquake. First, you pinch our best SANFL footballers and now this…

    Swish- please wish Doreen well for me.

  6. The word going round is that the Quake left many feeling just like ELVIS That is “ALL SHOOK UP”

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