Almanac Life – #hourlydaily scenes of life: 31 July-6 August 2019

A few months ago I had the idea of capturing the words of people; sometimes the connections between people; that I come across each day. This record plays with the idea that the suburban ordinariness of life is what makes it extraordinary. Below are snatches of #hourlydaily conversations from the past seven days; overheard here & there.
(Imagine that!)


Tu 6 Aug, 2019

Shopping strip, footpath. Older man yells happily, older woman eye-rollingly answers.
-Don’t you KNOW WHO I AM??
-Ahh, who is it now? Frank Sinatra?


Mo 5 Aug, 2019

Colleagues; city.
-I tried to put some closure on it but he doesn’t want a bar of it.
-That’s arrogance.
-And you know John was open to it.
-That’s how it should be.
-But with Tony… it wasn’t even on Tony’s plan.
-Sounds right.
-He’s got this…
-Well… maybe it’s misunderstanding.
-It’s arrogance.


Su 4 Aug, 2019

Woman walks dog off-lead.
-Here Ruby! Here! Uh-uh!
-Ruby! Come!
-Come here! Now!
Dog skips ahead; nose in long grass. Woman chases.
Woman reaches dog as dog reaches poo on the ground.


Sa 3 Aug, 2019

Saturday morning.
-Want a cuppa?
-Are you having one?


Fr 2 Aug, 2019

Train. Young woman to older man.
-Hi. It’s good to see you.
-You too.
-You ok? You look tired.
-I am tired; off to work.
-Who are you again?
-How do I know you?
-I use your crossing all the time. The school crossing.
-Oh yeah.


Th 1 Aug, 2019

Foyer of tall building of glass & steel.
-Did Lenny find you?
-Good morning, Tess.
-Yeah, good morning. Look, did you see Lenny?
-Lenny? What would Lenny want with me?
-Ha. You’d better have your story straight. That’s all I’d say.


We 31 Jul, 2019

Man to another man; carpark.
-…and I’m not kidding man then this bull shark burst out of the water – you should have seen it – man it was like – from here to that bank over there – you know? It was right there – and man I screamed like a little girl, man, I just screamed like a little girl…



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About David Wilson

David Wilson is a hydrologist, climate reporter and writer of fiction & observational stories. He writes under the name “E.regnans” at The Footy Almanac and has stories in several books. One of his stories was judged as a finalist in the Tasmanian Writers’ Prize 2021. He shares the care of two daughters and likes to walk around feeling generally amazed. Favourite tree: Eucalyptus regnans.


  1. Any news on Lenny’s acquaintance?

  2. Ha.
    That was my first and probably last ever siting of Lenny’s acquaintance.

    I wonder what was bothering Lenny. It sounded important.

  3. Really enjoying these snatches of real-life, e.r.
    On all the social media platforms.

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