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In recent years, the writing of clergyman, academic, historian, chaplain, poet, golfer Ray Barraclough has been mentioned and featured. John Harms first met Ray through the UQ Golf Club in 1980.


Ray and his friend and colleague, clergyman, writer and artist Glen Loughrey have established a new website


The website is introduced here, initially in a note from Ray, and then by way of a short document to explain what it’s about.


From Ray…


Three quotes to ponder over:


On the last page of his book entitled The Art of Time Travel – Historians and their Craft, Australian historian Professor Tom Griffiths writes that ‘history is essential to meaning and identity, and it is a powerful disciplinary tool in the search for truth’. [1]


History is contested ground within many countries. We believe David Reith’s observation is still pertinent to our context within Australia:


‘…the so-called history wars in Australia are emblematic of this modern crisis of collective historical memory…Is a demoralising truth preferable to a unifying falsehood?’ [2]


One who journeyed into the search for truth in regard to the twentieth century in his own country was the German writer Eberhard Bethge. He wrote:


Commemoration renders life human; forgetfulness makes it inhuman…Even when remembrance carries grief and shame, it fills the future with perspectives. And the denial of the past furthers the affairs of death, precisely because it focusses exclusively on the present. The degree of accountability regarding yesterday is the measure of a stable tomorrow. [1]


In establishing our Website at Glenn Loughrey and Ray Barraclough are simply endeavouring, through the citation of historical words and the snapshots of Glenn’s art, to bring into national memory perspectives that are embedded in Australia’s history of dispossession.


  1. The Art of Time Travel – Historians and their craft, Black Inc, Carlton, 2016, p. 321.
  2. David Reiff, Against Remembrance, Melbourne University Press, Carlton, 2011, pp. 124, 126.
  3. Eberhard Bethge, ‘Research – Mediation – Commemoration: Steps to Combat Forgetting’, in Bethge, Friendship and Resistance, p. 105.


Official launch of a journey into Australian history…



Introducing So That We Remember: 


The Website entitled So That We Remember seeks to provide resources for a deepening awareness of the violent dispossession of Australia’s Indigenous peoples.


This website is offered as a verbal and visual path on a journey that began 233 years ago. It aims to expand awareness of the cost to Indigenous lives of the process of colonial dispossession.


This awareness is enhanced by Indigenous artist Glenn Loughrey’s artwork ( The visual has the capacity, beyond the verbal, to take the viewer into the primal feel of a landscape, an event, an encounter.


This collection of extracts from primary historical sources, and from historians seeking to gather as accurately as possible the memories of Australian history since 1788, is prompted by the felt need to expand the reach of memory into the wider Australian public.


What comes into view is a miscellany of testimonies, eye-witness accounts, secondary stories, justifications and obfuscations in regard to the nation-wide violence entailed in the imperial colonisation of this continent and its islands.


This collection takes the viewer into a day-to-day remembering.


Whether we are an individual, a family, a clan or a nation, we remember selectively. Both what we remember (and what we allow to be forgotten) shape the memories that shape us.


So That We Remember is being launched in the hope that in Australia it will bring to public awareness the cost in losing lives and in losing country, that has affected Australia’s Indigenous people to this present day. That awareness can find expression in remembrance.


Ray Barraclough




Ray Barraclough, creator of ‘So That We Remember’ [based in Queensland]

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  1. This is very important stuff, thank you Ray and Glen for your tremendous work.

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