Almanac Hero Worship: Dumbstruck in Tassie


by Larry from Lonnie


It shouldn’t have really happened but it did. Having met people in positions of power and responsibility and chatted away merrily why, I ask myself, was I undone by a footballer? Albeit a great one.

So there I was at the book signing of the recently retired ‘great man’ himself (St. Christopher of the Carlton) and me and my young fella did all the obligatory things and got our pic and it was time therefore for me to say a few things about his greatness before we left. What came out: nothing, zip, bugger all, possibly a muted “thanks” but that was it! I went home and told the missus and she just shook her head and told me it was a case of awestruckness. Well, that needed a bit of analysis I thought. What brought that on? Also, I reckon I was not on my Pat Malone because when he got back to Melbourne and his missus may have asked, “How was Tassie?, he may well have replied, “They are a bit quiet down there, they don’t say much.” No, we don’t, not when this voice crippling paralysis hits!

I can only put it down to years of following my team and him constantly help the team win or almost win games by his extraordinary efforts. From down here in Tassie I would scream at the tele, “Get him back on the ground!” or “Give HIM the ball!” (expletives deleted). As those who watch the footy with me would attest I probably said those words on more than one occasion. Also, he was savvy and a bit media shy but when he did open his mouth to speak, unlike me, what came out was always pretty articulate.

I wonder who or what I will be undone by next… maybe not even a human, possibly a racehorse like Makybe Diva or Black Caviar, who knows?


Larry from Lonnie.

(I recommend the book to all sports lovers – a pretty good read)


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