Almanac Golf: New independent golf journals/magazines – Best/funniest podcast ever


There are 2 new independent golf journals/magazines out that focus on the game, history and courses.  Not selling overpriced gear and resorts as per the newsagent titles.


Both are a bit expensive – around A$35 an issue – subscription only – but the quality of writing and production sounds outstanding.

McKellar has published one edition and is edited/owned by the ex Guardian golf writer Lawrence Donegan (English papers now use AAP stringers or football writers on assignment for golf coverage).  Donegan now lives in US.

The Golfers Journal has published 5 quarterly editions.  Seems a bit bigger slicker – more professional (not necessarily better).  TGJ has slick production and glossy photos.  McKellar has some of the best writers – Australians Mike Clayton and Geoff Shackleford (both witty historians and course designers) and Canadian biographer Lorne Rubenstein.


The list of writers in both journals is the best in golf, and probably some of the best in sportswriting.


The free podcasts interviewing writers, golfers and personalities are OUTSTANDING.  Interesting, funny and diverse.  I have subscribed to both journals – but the podcasts are a great ‘taster’ for anyone with a general interest in sport, writing and society


This interview with author/journalist Jim Dodson is the BEST thing I have ever heard.  Clever, wise, diverse (historical, current, business, golf and politics), self effacing and the sort of ‘inside stories’ rarely heard in public.


About 10 minutes in he tells how he got asked (nearly lost) writing Arnold Palmer’s bio.  In short (and much funnier to hear) Winnie Palmer rang and asked if he would meet with them to discuss.  He thought it was mates winding him up and told her to F off. Fortunately Arnold and Winnie had a broad sense of humour.


The BEST story ever is about Sam Snead who was the greatest “swordsman” in golf history.  About 20 minutes in a story from golfer Billy Joe Patton who arrived at the Masters on the Monday in 1954 and found Sam and a blond in a Caddy in the car park.  She was “warming him up”.  Brilliantly told story in a North Carolina drawl.


The podcast concludes with a story about meeting pre-president Donald Trump in 2013 when he was spruiking a golf resort development in North Carolina.  Interesting stories about Russian money (which explains a lot in current international affairs) and the charming huckster persona.


Many of the other podcasts on both sites are brilliant – but this is the best of the best.




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  1. Luke Reynolds says

    Cheers PB, I’m on the lookout for new podcasts, will check it out.

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