Almanac Footy Tipping in 2021



G’day Tipsters!

Four comps  in 2021.

AFLW comp is in progress.

You can sign up for AFL tipping (rego closes at the bounce of the ball on March 18), Tip the Top 8 (rego closes after March 19 Almanac lunch), and NRL comps (rego closes with the kickoff).


(1) The AFL 2021 standard tipping comp:

– highly prestigious
– cash prizes for the season
– weekly book prizes
– teams event – add your club logo to your profile so we know who you barrack for and hence which team you are on (or if the logo is proving tricky send us an email)
– finishes at the end of the home and away season (after Round 23)
– a tie is NOT decided by the cumulative margin, there will be a play-off (involving the finals)
To join CLICK HERE The comp is called ‘Footy Almanac Tipping 2021’.
– $10. (EFT to Malarkey Publications, BSB 633000, ACC 154103428)
– Kids (Grade 10 and under) are free if a parent is a paid-up tipper. We don’t want to break the family bank.

Last year’s winner was Paul Bauer.


(2) The Time-honoured Footy Almanac Tip the Top 8 Competition

– pick the Top 8 in order (first to eighth) as you think they will finish at the end of the AFL home and away season.
–  cash prize
– winner announced after the famous countdown at the Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch
– entries close at bounce of the ball to start the AFL season
– $10 per entry. EFT  with your name and ‘Top 8’. (EFT to Malarkey Publications, BSB 633000, A/C 154103428)

Here’s how the result is calculated.


Where S = Total (lowest score wins)
xp =  the predicted position of the team
xa = actual position of the team



Last Year’s winner was Joe Wilson.



(3) The Footy Almanac NRL Tipping Comp

  • all welcome
  • cash prizes
  • called ‘Rugby League Almanac 2021’


Become an Almanac (annual) member – CLICK HERE


Join The Footy Almanac’s AFL tipping comp (Title: ‘Footy Almanac 2020 Tipping’) HERE

Join The Footy Almanac’s AFLW tipping comp (Title: ‘Footy Almanac AFLW 2020 Tipping Comp’) HERE




  1. Ian Hauser says

    Harms and Co., if that’s the formula used to sort out the winner of the ‘Tip the Top 8 Competition’, no wonder it took a Brain to win it last year!

  2. How’s that LBTS weekly prize from last year coming along JTH?

  3. It’s (now) in the mail!

  4. Making tips about the footy at this stage is, in my humble opinion, a little silly. II would rather say how I would like to see the season pan out, preferably with the Power and magpies fighting it out for the bottom spot. Obviously I’d prefer a Crows Flag, but hope Lions, Swans and St Kilda (for Yoshi’s sake) do well

    Looking forward to what the Almanacas predict and just how accurate a very few will bee. Cheers

  5. In about 4 weeks time all the predictions of all and sundry will suggest that all 18 sides are going to make the finals.

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