Almanac (Footy) Poetry: There was a Game

There Was a Game

by Saskia Schaap


What if I told you,

There was a game that could unite a town.

What if I told you,

That the same game could tear a town apart.


What if I told you,

There was a game loved by so many,

Played by so many,

But the chance of you being a part of it,

Was five to one.


What if I told you,

That this game was elegant and balletic,

But also, violent and cruel,

A game that could allow people to express how they feel,

Or a game that could oppress them.


What if there was a game,

That you could play, no matter who you were,

But only to a certain stage.

A game that creates a family, but destroys them too.

I know a game like that.


Do you?


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  1. Stephen Alomes says

    Enjoyed the poem!

  2. Perhaps the harsh reality is that it has always been like this, rightly or wrongly. The good news, in my opinion, is that this is less the case now than it was. I point to the emergence of the AFLW, the W-League and the NRLW as examples of movement in the right direction, even if there’s still a long way to go. The dual challenges, I suggest, are firstly, how am I going to allow this to impact me and, secondly, what am I going to do about it?

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