My Nonna


When I started playing Aussie Rules,
my nonna’s face turned red.
I asked her what the problem was,
and this is what she said:
‘An oval ball, an oval ground,
for men with oval heads.’


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About Damian Balassone

Damian Balassone is a delusional Collingwood supporter who writes poetry and fiction. He is the author of 'Strange Game in a Strange Land'.


  1. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Gold Nonna !!
    Hard to argue with her logic there, Damo.
    My mum used to call the footy ‘kokkino avgo’ or Red Egg.

  2. DBalassone says

    ‘Kokkino Avgo’. That’s a great title for a piece on the Greek-Aussie Rules experience.

    The other thing my nonna used to do was shake her head after a Pies loss and say ‘Eh, Collingwood!’ as if they were a national disgrace.

  3. Jason Atkins says

    Love it Damo. Aussie rules asks a lot of its participants. But we forget how much a simple oval ball confounds It’s viewers as well.

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