Almanac Footy History: World of Sport Handball Championship

Here you go:



  1. Peter Flynn says

    I’ll peg it as 1984.

  2. Shane John Backx says

    Was from the last ever WOS, 1987 I think.

  3. I’m with PJ Flynn.
    Either 1983 or 1984, I’d reckon.

  4. And how about the football talent loitering about the Channel 7 studios on a Sunday morning?
    Apart from the three contestants: Whitten, Davis, Skilton, Bartlett, Dyer, McKenna, Newman, Keenan(!).
    Footy royalty.

  5. Peter Flynn says

    WOS started in 1959.

    25th anniversary show.

    Hence 1984.

  6. John Butler says


  7. Old Bobbie had a very distinctive way of tossing the footy to the contestants.

    Love the suits.

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