Almanac Football (Soccer): Diego Maradona dies at 60


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Diego Maradona has died of a heart attack at the age of 60. Maradona – one of those immediately identifiable names, accompanied by a mixture of images and thoughts. A larger than life personality, a not unblemished reputation, universally acknowledged as among the best players ever. The words ‘sublime’ and ‘genius’ were made for people with his gifts and talents. The ‘hand of God’ goal… But at the same time a tragic figure, especially in his post-playing days, a life of excess…


Rather than attempt a comprehensive reflection on a sporting great, The Footy Almanac provides a series of links to start you on your reading and contemplation, and invites your responses through our Comments section below.


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  1. All summed up in those few minutes, firstly of infamy and then of beauty, v England, World Cup 1986. A microcosm of the eternal struggle within each of us in our various life situations?

  2. His physique and skills was Gary Ablett Junior with a round ball. His life was Senior.
    Lacked the grace and elegance of Best or Cruyff. Messi with muscles and menace. Brutally effective.

  3. Very sad to hear of his passing.  I’ve never enjoyed watching a player more.  No collection of sports highlights are better.  Only recently watched a  great documentary on Amazon Prime about his stint at Napoli ’84 to ’91.
    Close to the best sports doco I’ve ever seen.  RIP Maradona!

  4. Maradona. How does he look compared to Warney? Two absolute genius’s of their games, two men whose off field behaviour’s certainly were never boring. Did they ever meet to exchange notes?

    Warney; over 1,000 international wickets, Australian O D I captain, one of Wisden’s cricketers of the year in 1994, their best cricketer in the world, 1997, as well as one of their five cricketers of the 20th century. He took a test hat trick, bowled some amazing wicket taking deliveries, his ‘ball of the century’, picking up Mike Gatting in 1993 as devastating to the English as Maradona’s ‘hand of god’, though far more legitimate.

    He was also banned for twelve months in 2003 for taking a banned diuretic, his mother apparently gave him. The infamous dalliance with sub-continent bookmakers, the lewd texting episodes, altercations when caught smoking at a time he was being paid to promote nicotine patches; never a dull moment with Warney.

    I’m lucky enough to have lived during the time of these two geniuses, as well as the footballer known as GOD. This period coincided with the man known as the Greatest, man whose image was at one time the best known on the planet. Sadly, he like Maradona, is no longer with us.

    I’ve happy to have been fortunate to have seen these greats in action, during my life.

    Vale Diego Maradona.


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