Almanac Football – Osaka Dingoes v Mongolian Wolves: Experience and Height won



AFL Japan/Asia Special Match
Osaka Dingoes v Mongolian Wolves
5.20pm, Saturday 19 October 2019
Izumi Sports Village, Osaka Prefecture, Japan


The recently established Mongolian Wolves and AFL Japan GO League club Osaka Dingoes, who both need more games to play, organised a special match to gain experience and to enjoy Australian Rules footy.


The match was the first competitive one in their history for the visitors.


Rain had poured the previous night and occasionally on the game day. The game was played in wet conditions on a soccer pitch with artificial grass.


Wolves have experienced players (their average age is 42) and Dingoes, with mixed ages, heights and nationalities, played a close first quarter. Both sides attacked and defended, and each scored three goals. The visitors led by one point at the first break.


The experienced and taller Wolves dominated the second quarter, winning the contests and leading well. They kicked four goals in the quarter while the home side kicked three. The margin extended to nine at the main break.


The Dingoes fought hard, running fast and kicking smoothly on the wing to get more opportunities to score goals. Also the home team chased the footy hard. Dingoes scored 3.2 while the Mongolian side added 2.2.


The home side kept playing hard and scored quick goals. But rain started pouring on the field and Wolves took advantage of their players’ height in contests and their experiences helped as well. They laid more tackles and were awarded more free kicks to create more opportunities to score goals.


The match was close but the travellers won by five points.


The first Canine Cup was handed to the Wolves and the Cup was taken home to Mongolia.


I played as a small forward and gained several possessions, laid a couple tackles and assisted in two goals.


Also, I had experiences that I had never had before in a game. I had two physical contacts in the third quarter while was chasing the footy. Once defender’s elbow hit my chest hard and it was so painful! And then I had a crash with the same bloke and my right ear was hit. I felt another pain but it was lighter than the first one. These collisions were real footy experiences, so I do not complain at all!


Despite the team’s loss and having kicked no goals, I had a great experience in this game. I appreciate Wolves for coming over to Japan, AFL Japan for helping us to organise the historical match, and Matt Gale for organising the game and providing us (both Wolves and Dingoes) with a good experience.


It was a great game for both Wolves and Dingoes who need more game experience to become better clubs.



Osaka Dingoes 3.1 6.2 9.3 13.3 (81)
Mongolian Wolves 3.2 7.5 9.7 13.8 (86)



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  1. Good to hear from you again, Yoshi. The code is alive and well in Japan! I just love the name of the trophy – the Canine Cup: most suitable for a match between the Dingoes and the Wolves.

  2. Mark Duffett says

    Something about victory from the jaws of…never mind. Thanks for the report, Yoshi, I love hearing about international footy.

  3. Hi Ian and Mark,

    Thanks for your good comments.

    Ian – AFL is more played in Tokyo unfortunately for us… It was really great to have an international side and we both enjoyed the game. Yes Canine Cup is suited with both of us!

    Mark – No worries. I enjoy international footy – having played IMPACT Invitational Cup last year (we hosted Singapore Wombats and Indonesia Volcanoes. I played on Brian Lake), Shanghai Cup and AFL Asia Championship this year.



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