Almanac Flashback – ‘Swish’ Schwerdt’s review of Michael Sexton’s ‘Chappelli’s Last Stand’


We’ve had a bit of a run on the Sheffield Shield as well as yesterday’s review of Michael Sexton’s recent release Border’s Battlers. So, to maintain the cricket theme, let’s go back a year or two and revisit ‘Swish’ Schwerdt’s review of Michael’s previous offering, Chappelli’s Last Stand, an account of South Australia’s mid-70s, epic journey from Shield wooden spooners to Shield Champions in just one season under the leadership of the iconic Ian Chappell.


You can read Swish’s review by clicking HERE.


Both of Michael Sexton’s books are readily available at any good bookstore. Do yourself a favour…




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  1. This book was a great read. Bravo, Michael Sexton. Bravo IM Chappell.
    And bravo, Swish for a cracking review.

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