Almanac Documentaries: Tom Wills (Aug 7,10,13)

From Dr Greg de Moore…



Dear All,


Over the past few years I have given many talks about Tom Wills based on the biography I wrote. I have kept my contact list over this time, so you might be interested in this fantastic upcoming television documentary.


The TV documentary on the life of Tom Wills is to be shown at the following times:


Sunday, 7th August, at 1 pm on Channel 10.

Wednesday, 10th August at 9am on Channel One,

Saturday 13 August at noon, on Channel One.



For a snippet of the programme you might be interested in the following:


And also an interview on ABC radio:




Greg de Moore


  1. Dr Rocket says

    Thanks Greg!

    Very keen to see it.

    Go the Mighty, Mighty Giants!

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