Almanac Cricket – Vale Sir Everton Weekes, the last of ‘The Three Ws’

Sir Everton Weekes


The Footy Almanac acknowledges the passing of Sir Everton Weekes, a giant of West Indian cricket. He was 95. Weekes was the last surviving member of the famous ‘Three Ws’ – Weekes, Sir Frank Worrall and Sir Clyde Walcott – who epitomised all that was great about West Indian cricket in the late 1940s and 1950s.


The Three Ws – Worrall, Walcott and Weekes


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Photos source: Cricinfo


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  1. A bit before my time (I was only 5 when he retired) but our neighbour, ‘Young Jim’ Hughes, was a great fan of the Windies players of that era, so they must have been quite something! The figures back him up.

  2. Like Ian he was just before my time watching cricket. But that made the 3W’s all the more mythical in their genius. Remember poring over dad’s ABC Cricket Book from their 51/52 tour at those fabulous names and reading their stories – Sonny Ramadhin with the buttoned sleeves; wizened bespectacled Alf Valentine’s left arm tweakers. Cricket had frozen into a solid mechanical studied game after WW2 in the earnest mode of the English pro. The West Indies (and briefly South Africa) were the only chink in the clouds. Full of sunshine and natural genius. Weekes went on to become an elder statesman in the fractured nation states of West Indies cricket. A great man.

  3. Luke Reynolds says

    What a superb Test record. Love reading about those 1950’s West Indian teams, would have been a fantastic team to watch in an otherwise dull decade of Test cricket as PB points out.

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