Almanac Cricket: Shane Backx’s favourite To and Froms

by Shane Backx


A side of my favourite To and Froms in 50 years of watching cricket.


Dennis Amiss, a good player to watch but makes this team also because he kept getting out to Dennis for bugger all.


Michael Vaughan or Colin Cowdrey, technique technique technique. I love a good technique; there is nothing like the classic English batsman for technique.


John Edrich, tough as teak and gutsy as. Every team needs a nudger and deflector. Perfect temperament as a batsman.


David Gower, sublime strokeplay.


Derek Randall, never dull and took it to the bowlers. Brilliant in the covers.


Tony Greig, morvellous player. Aggressive and never say die.


Alan Knott, greatest keeper ever, good bat too.


Andrew Flintoff, as for Greig and Botham but near express pace.


Darren Gough, see Tony Greig. Best inswinging yorker I’ve ever seen.


Derek Underpants, steady in Australia rather than Deadly as he was in England but still good to watch. Loved his action. Plus because we used to call him Underpants.


John Snow, mean menacing fast and lethal. Such an easy run up and action.


12th Barry Knight, actually too young to watch him but any To and From who emigrated 50 year ago and has coached half the greats in recent Australian cricket (Border, Waugh Bros and dozens more) deserves to get in. Bowled Sir Garfield for a silver 2nd aggot in a Test. Plus he accepted my fb friend request and has given me fascinating insight in facing the two fastest bowlers in history, namely Frank Tyson and Jeff Thomson.


  1. Good side SB. Edrich an underrated cricketer. Not sure about Amiss. Bouncy wickets seemed to catch him out. Underwood was a containing bowler on true wickets in Australia. Swann better value? I’d have Fred Trueman rather than Gough, but he would be before your 50 year criteria.

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    Nice team Shane.
    Darren Gough doesn’t get the recognition his career deserves. Was still a handful even if pitch conditions didn’t suit him. No better examples of his in-swinging yorker than his hat-trick at the SCG in 1998/99. Glad you found room in your team for him.

  3. Shane John Backx says

    Peter_B, these are just my favourites to watch so definitely not the best ever. I should say that I have only picked players I saw live, so that rules out Swann although I wouldnt have chosen him since I never liked him much.

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Barry Knight gets a mention in this stellar piece from Christian Ryan about Thommo, which he probably mentioned to you Shane.

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