Almanac (Cricket) Poetry: Shared Moment




Oh no! Another one’s gone.
Shoulders slump as bodies sag in unison.
A collective groan sweeps the ground.


Our best three batsmen are out before lunch.
Uninvited torment creeps into the brain
Backs to the wall, we’re struggling now.


It could be a long day,
or worse still, a short one.
“Positive thoughts, be tough!”


As the number five strides to the crease
Head bowed in hope, then rising skyward
We share his silent prayer, bravely masking emotions.


Inhaling and holding, staring, not blinking
He faces his first ball
Breathe and mind connected.


He strikes. Crack!
Defended! Phew, exhale, he survived.
Chuckles of joyous exhilaration bubble out in relief.


Smiles and laughter erupt spontaneously
But only lasting a moment
Celebrations end, as suddenly as they began.
For now he faces again.

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