Almanac Cricket: ICC Conference – Have your say

The International Cricket Council Conference is to meet in Edinburgh from 27th June to 2nd July.

Wanting to share the love with member countries and not continue favouring the big three and with a view to transparency, and to improve relationships with the Members and cricket stakeholders from around the world,  three of the four meetings will take place in Member countries outside of the UAE.

ICC Chairman Mr Shashank Manohar said: “We had very purposeful and positive meetings, and the decisions taken clearly reflect that we collectively want to improve the governance in a transparent manner, not only of the ICC but also the Member Boards. This, in turn, will enhance the image and quality of the sport. No Member of the ICC is bigger than the other and I am determined to make a meaningful contribution in this regard with support of all the Members.”

The ICC are also looking at a constitutional and governance review and scheduling of international cricket, including the impact of Twenty20 leagues on the international game, wanting to build a cricket calendar with greater context.

Our International man of cricket Neil Drysdale is in Edinburgh next week to cover the conference and is looking for input from Almanac readers as to what you would like to see the ICC conference achieve.

We welcome all contributions and will forward them to Neil.


  1. John Butler says

    Neil, a few thoughts:

    – An end to the “Big 3” structure of the ICC – back to something resembling actual democracy.

    – A better balancing of the three forms of the game: one where Test cricket and what it represents is actually valued ahead of making a fast buck.

    – Return umpires their true authority on the ground, and stop sacrificing it for the next whiz bang, process obsessed, management speak thought bubble.

    You know, simple stuff like that….

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    I’m liking what I hear about the possibilities of a two-tiered Test Championship and a 13 team ODI league. Bring it on, make sure there’s plenty of support for the teams outside the top 7. Spend a heap on development in countries like Ireland, Afghanistan, Netherlands, PNG and Scotland.
    In regards to T20 international cricket, if the Olympic push is geuine for the world’s second most popular team sport, try and make the Olympics the only major title for the shortest format. All T20 internationals (keep them limited and meaningful) to be a lead in to The Games. Scrap the T20 World Cup.
    Really hope we get some meaningful change from these meetings.

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