Almanac Cricket Comment: Luigi wants to turn history on its head and make cricket a game for footballers in the summer.


This is Luigi again, taking time off from our post Christmas and holiday hiatus at the shop. Everyone seems to want fresh. There’s some great product around at the moment. The mangos from Queensland are superb.


So much to talk around the traps now that our famous bowling attack is joining the batsmen in the mediocrity stakes.


It has always been obvious to us that they were all taught so badly when we compare them to the greats we grew up with. No bowling control, no swing and no proper footwork from the batsmen. And the bowlers all look alike. There is no individuality like we were used to. They are robotic. Change the bowler and you have much of the same with nothing different to put pressure on the batsman.


We buy all of our fruit from suppliers who nurture their product from the start using hundred year old procedures. That is exactly how we used to nurture our young cricketers to make them champions but not anymore.


We need to get back to teaching our young folk proper batting and bowling technique plus some cricket history. I learnt it – I wanted to learn it. History makes sense to me. Technique makes sense to me.


But, how do we do that? Australian rules football seems to have the answers for their game.




Back in the 1800s Australian Rules Football was born as a winter sport for cricketers on cricket grounds.


Maybe this time round the future of cricket can be resurrected partly through developing it in conjunction with the junior AFL clubs.


It makes sense to this humble fruit and veg seller. AFL has the Australia wide infrastructure. Maybe cricket can join with them in providing a brand new, old-style method of developing young cricketers in the summer.


There must still be plenty of people and former players with old style coaching ability.


Maybe there’s a way of passing that knowledge onto all these combined junior clubs where integrity and technique replaces bash and bad manners.


There must be.


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  1. HI Luigi .
    A good idea except as a person who played football following cricket and cricket following football for over ten years I found it very difficult when finishing football on around the last weekend in September and commencing the cricket season on the first Saturday in October to do football and cricket practice at the same time as many different muscles are involved in each sport. If the seasons were each shortened you might be able to work it.
    Good Luck.
    Stab Punt Jim

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